Do you have an old friend whom you want to tell, “I have a crush on you?” Or perhaps there is a colleague at your workplace whom you have wanted to approach for years but you do not know how to. Are you looking for unique tips to tell the person you like, “I have a crush on you”

The perfect way to tell your crush that you like them is by slowly but steadily building up for it. You need to be subtle and test the water rather than directly confronting the person you like with “I have a crush on you.” If you walk up to your crush and out of the blue just blurt out that I have a crush on you then you will not only come off as needy but you will also seem creepy. The best way to tell a person that you like them is by letting them know without you telling them.

Do you want to tell the person you like that I have a crush on you? Do not be afraid. I did some research and weeded out some unique tips to tell I have a crush on you.

Unique Tips To Tell I Have A Crush On You

Pay Attention To Your Crush

The most important tip to tell your crush that you like them is by paying attention to them. Everybody likes attention since it makes them feel important. Make some time for your crush and try to give them your complete undivided attention. Do not appear distracted when you are talking to your crush. Also, do not be overpowering with your attention. you don’t want to push your crush away from you by coming off as too overbearing. Throwing little romantic gestures here and there will do the trick. Paying attention to your crush will help you understand them better.

Be A Good Listener To Your Crush

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When you are spending time with your crush, you should listen to them. Make eye-contact, respond appropriately to what they are saying, repeat the things they are saying. Make it seem like you are interested and that you find the conversation engaging. Let your crush vent when they want to. Be patient and hear them out completely. Do not say anything defensive or offensive. Play nice and respectful. Be gentle while talking to them. Ask your crush how their day was. Your interest in them will become obvious and can be indicated through your memory and recollection of everything that they have said.

Give Your Crush Subtle Compliments

When we have a crush on someone we often tend to shower them with compliments and put them on pedestals. Give your crush small compliments. Then you can judge your crush’s response to your compliment. Did your crush blush a bit or gave a slight smile, or got a bit embarrassed when you complimented them? It is good news for you if they did that. Avoid giving backhanded compliments at any cost unless you want to be labeled a jerk. By complimenting your crush you can make your crush feel important and good about themselves.

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Small Gifts and Gestures

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Give your crush little gifts that can hint towards your feelings for them. With this in mind, be thoughtful and considerate while picking out a gift. To that end, choose a gift which they might need and appreciate instead of giving them what you think they should have. another key thing to remember is that you shouldn’t go overboard with the gift and gestures and end up spending too much. You cannot have a way to someone’s heart by buying them expensive stuff. To that end, buy something that can show that you pay attention to your crush. Something that is according to their taste and liking.

Flirt With Your Crush

Once you have gotten close to your crush,  start flirting with them from time to time. Do not be lecherous and pervy while flirting with them. Do not at any cost flirt with your crush in the presence of other people. If your crush looks offended or uncomfortable when you are flirting then stop immediately and apologize to them. While flirting with your crush you can tough them slightly, teasing them playfully and complimenting them. Making eye contact is essential while flirting. When your crush notices you looking at them, smile at them and then look away. If you are a girl then winking at your crush works well too.

Use Your Body Language

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Body language plays a vital role in telling your crush that you like them. While talking to your crush do not forget to smile and make eye contact. If you are a girl then confidently flipping your hair will let a guy know that you like him. Play with your hair while talking to your crush. Lean closer to them when they are talking. Do not slouch, maintain a good body posture. Touch your face while looking at your crush. Lightly stroke your cheek, smooth your hair, rub your chin when you are with your crush.

Surprise Your Crush

Remember when we said that you need to be a good listener? Yes, this applies here too! Use the little pieces of information that you gain to give meaningful surprises. Has your crush ever wanted to try Mexican cuisine? Surprise them with a trip to grab some tacos! Have they ever mentioned an experience that they wanted to try? Like Paintball Wars? Imagine their surprise when you actually show up at a paintball venue! These surprises will definitely rack up some serious brownie points, all in your favor.

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Ask Them Out On A Date

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Now is the final step! If your crush is someone who does not understand hidden hints, then you can be honest and simply say, “I have a crush on you. Would you wish to go on a date?”

Everyone loves being approached. If you do it with respect and confidence, it will definitely land you a date!