Every one has a dream and a wish, All you have to do is wait for the correct time to come. And for this girl named Nikita Shukla time and life both were not waiting. Her last wish was difficult to fulfil, she wanted to meet her favourite actor Hrithik Roshan.

Hrithik was shooting in jabalpur for his upcoming film Ashutosh Gowariker’s ‘Mohenjo Daro’ got to know that Nikita Shukla a girl suffering from cancer wanted to meet the superstar and it was her last dream. The 15 year old girl requested an expressed her desire to to meet the superstar to Gyaneswari who owns Virat hospital where Nikita Shukla was admitted.

Everyone gathered to make her wish come true and Gyaneswari got in touch with Ashutosh Gowariker and requested him to pass on the message to Hrithik. In return Hrithik made it special for Nikita by arranging a special ambulance for the 15 year old girl from hospital to hotel.

Hrithik Roshan Met Her Fan Who Is Suffering From Cancer And Fulfills Her Dream

Hrithik personally spoke with Nikita and inspired her very much to fight through her illness. It is very unfortunate that she died one week later after meeting the superstar .

Hope Nikita’s sole rest in peace and she is blessed with healthy well-being and longevity in the next birth.