The first time I had to wear a saree all by myself, without a thought, I called up my mother. How to wear a saree? I asked her perplexed. She smiled over the phone and guided me, step-by-step, told me how to drape the whole nine yards in a perfect and beautiful fashion.

It is true, a saree accentuates an Indian woman’s beauty. But very few of us know really how to wear a saree in a perfect manner. Draping a saree takes skill and most often, one feels puffy after wearing a saree. How to wear a saree is a tough question, but how to wear a saree and look slim at the same time, is even tougher! But don’t worry, we have you covered.

Here are a few tips that will tell you how to wear a saree to look slim-

Select The Right Fabric

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While dressing up traditionally in a saree, you may want to wear silk or pure cotton but that’d not work if you want to appear slim. While deciding how to wear a saree to look slim, you need to work on picking the right material first. Pick a clothing material which is lightweight. Chiffon and Georgette fabrics work best to make your body look slim. If you are a bit on the healthy side, then you should definitely avoid pure cotton, tissues, kanjivarams, brocade, etc. Avoid stiffer fabrics and go for softer ones.

No Pure Cotton

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Cotton Sarees are extremely comfortable in summers but they make your body look bulky. Although, if you want to wear cotton then pick up a cotton which is light.  If the fabric of your saree is thin then it will not add much weight to your look. In case your saree is starched then wash it in plain water to remove its starchiness. You can also go for cotton fabric which is mixed with other material. Always remember that pure cotton is your enemy.

Pick the Right Color

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Picking the right color of the saree is not given much importance when it comes to sarees. People often choose the Saree color based on the current either the fashion or their respective skin tones.  Before picking out the saree, the color of it should be paid heed to. Colors should be chosen with respect to the body types. Darker colors work best for curvy and hefty body types. Light colors often accentuate your curves and they end up making you look heavier. Instead of going for light colors, embrace darker shades like navy blue, black, deep brown, etc.

Opt For Monochromes

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Go for a monochromatic saree. Monochromatic that is a saree of a single color will not only make you look slim but it will also make you look taller. Black, a man-made color, is the perfect slimming color. Black sarees not only look elegant but they are also trendy.

Select The Right Print

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If you really want to look slim, then you should go for a plain saree without any print. Unless you don’t like plain sarees, you can go for fine prints. Big and bold prints are better to avoid. They not only look tacky but they also give a stockier look. Digital and abstract prints mask all the problem areas of the body while drawing attention to the assets.

Pay Attention To The Embroidery

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It is recommended that heavy people should not wear sarees with too much embroidery and bead-work. Rich and heavy embroideries make people look fat. Trimmed and smaller embroidery patterns like small motifs are known to help in making people look slim.

Pick The Right Border

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Avoid wearing heavy and thick borders at any cost if you want to look slim. Heavy borders give a bulky look. Sarees without borders are a blessing to those who want to look slim. Picking a thin border will add height to your body and it will also make you look skinnier.

Pick The Right Blouse

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If you weigh a few extra pounds then you should opt for long-sleeved blouses to make you look thinner. Often when it comes to how to wear a saree, people forget to pay attention to the blouse. Avoid heavily embellished blouses. Unless you are aiming for a voluptuous look, steer away from blouses of contrasting colors. Don’t wear blouses that cover your neck.

Get a Custom-Made Petticoat

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Do not buy readymade petticoats if you want to look slim. Go to a tailor and get a petticoat stitched according to your measurements. A fitted petticoat will work wonders in giving your torso a toned down look.

Wear The Saree Higher

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If you have love handles that you want to hide then you should either wear longer blouses that cover your torso or you can wear your saree higher than your navel. Doing so will cover up the bulk around your waist and stomach.

Pleating The Saree

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While pleating the saree don’t go overboard by adding too many pleats. Oftentimes people end up adding pleats on pleats just because they can. Keeping a close eye on the pleating is heavily advised. More pleats mean the heavier you look. Make sure that you add ass little pleats as possible.

Tuck Tightly

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Tuck your saree tightly and properly around your waist. Failure to tuck the saree firmly will give a bulgy look around the waist. Improperly tucked sarees just add more volume and weight to your body. Have someone assist you when you are tucking and wrapping the saree. The wrapping of the saree around the hips should be done properly. Secure the saree so that it does not get loose.

Wear the Right Pallu

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While deciding how to wear a saree, the pallu is often given lesser importance than it deserves. Voluptuous and stout women should go for an open pallu. Pleated pallu on the shoulders looks neat and groomed but it ends up making people appear voluminous. Simplicity is the key when it comes to bulkier women. Keep you pallu simple. You may also go for the traditional seedha palla. If at all you are pleating the pallu, then make sure that the shoulder plaits are not too thick.

Use Safety Pins

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Use a lot of safety pins to keep your saree in place. Safety pins will ensure that your saree stays secure. If your saree comes undone or the plaits loosen up then it will just make you look broader.

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