A video on Facebook has emerged and it has gone viral which shows a very easy way to unlock iPhone without password.  The video claims that you can easily bypass iPhone’s security in second’s, This means you can access your iPhone device even if you have forgotten the password.

How To Unlock iPhone Without Password

In just a few easy steps, the video shows how easy it is to get into any iPhone without knowing the passcode. According to the video all you have to do is hold the home button and wait for Siri to pop up. When Siri is listening, Ask what time is it ? Now click the clock symbol and it will take you into “clock App”.

1) Create a new clock with any name and click on the name you have written and select all.

2) After you have select all you have to click on share and then click on message.

3) Now type in the name you had written and click on it one more time.

4)Now you will be on new page where you click on create new contact.

5) Now click on Add a photo, then click on choose a photo.

6) After you are into photo gallery page you can click the home button and you are into the iPhone without a password.

Checkout this video which shows How To Unlock iPhone Without Password