Sometimes we may feel the need to get access to our loved ones’ phones but hesitate to do so because of the risks involved. No matter how justified your reasoning may be, you won’t want them to find out. But what if there was a way to hack someone’s phone remotely?

The good news is that it is completely possible! However, you need to have the right tools to do so.

How to hack a phone? Here is a guide to do it safely and remotely

Can You Hack The Phone Without Touching It?

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to hack someone’s phone. As a concerned parent, you may want to keep track of your child’s activity online, or you want to keep track of your child’s location. You may suspect that your partner is cheating on you or your partner is caught up in something illegal.

Most of us want to simply look out for our loved ones to make sure they are safe from the dangers of the internet or in their day-to-day activities. We can’t debate the line between ethical and unethical reasons for hacking, but if you strongly feel the need to do so, you can do it remotely.

How to Hack Someone’s Phone?

To do so, you will have to use a spy application such as mSpy to help you out. Install mSpy on iPhone or any other device in the background on the phone of your loved ones, and they will never know it is there.

Then, you can remotely use the mSpy application dashboard whenever you need to have a look at their activity online. You can see their social media sites, browsing history, who they are chatting with, where they are going, and even what pictures they are saving in their phone gallery.

Here is Why You Should Try Hacking

You may want to hack into someone’s phone to ensure they are not in harm’s way or aren’t being exploited online. In this digital age, hacking into someone’s phone is not too complicated if you have the right tools. If you are wondering how to hack a phone, try any of the following methods:

▪      Use Spyware like mSpy

The most reliable method would be to use safe spy software or applications such as mSpy. mSpy is a verified mobile tracker app that allows you to get access to a target smartphone or tablet. You can then use the mSpy control panel to access all its tracking features, including social media tracking, location tracking, keyword tracking, browsing history tracking, and much more.

▪      Hire A Private Detective

The next method would be to hire a private detective. However, the success of this method depends entirely on the reliability of the private detector. Some detectors may offer substantial results, while others may be too costly and offer no results.

▪      Follow Your Spouse’s Social Media

It will be considered okay if you are hacking into your child’s social media as a parent or legal guardian. But hacking into someone’s phone after they are of legal age, including your spouse, is illegal. Instead, you should try to keep tabs on your spouse through their public social media.

▪      Track Your Spouse’s Location

Many applications allow you to keep track of a device’s GPS location. mSpy, as we discussed before, can allow you to track someone’s GPS location in real-time. You can use their smartphone to give you location access from Google+; however, this method is not discreet.

Free Apps Are The Most Dangerous, and Here is Why

When an application claims to be free and seemingly allows you to monitor someone’s phone, it may be a scam. It’s very unlikely for a free application to offer professional services.

Also, even applications that offer free trials often come with only a limited number of features. Such applications also have privacy issues, where they may sell your information to third parties. Instead, you should always use a paid and verified app to hack into someone’s phone.


Hacking into someone’s phone can be simplified by modern technology, making it much easier for us to keep an eye on our loved ones. If you ever feel the need to hack into someone’s account, you can use remote applications such as mSpy. It has plenty of useful features and is one of the simplest UI we have seen. Moreover, it is proven to give results!