It is a dream of many students to get a student visa for USA. Many of them go to any limit for getting it. However, if you follow the basics, you can easily get it. The present article on, How to get Student Visa for USA Very Easily is our compilation on some basics, which the applicant must follow in order to get a student visa for USA easily. We hope our tips will be helpful to you.

How to Get Student Visa for USA – Easy Tips

Here are some tips for the students who are looking for Student Visa for USA. Follow these simple steps and make your future bright.

1. Get Admission in an Institute

First of all, you have to get admission in some reputed university or institute of the United States. It creates a good impact on your visa application.

2. Take Appointment for Visa Interview

Then you have to apply for the visa interview. It should be 3 months prior to your scheduled departure. In this way, if there is any delay or some problems during the interview. You will get plenty of time to schedule another interview.

3. Fill the form DS-160

Form DS-160 is a new non-immigrant visa application form. You have to be extremely careful while filling this form. It is necessary to fill all the details carefully and upload the photograph in a prescribed format.

4. Go well-dressed for the interview

This is a pre-requisite while going for any interview. You must be well dressed in formals. With not dark colors. An interview lasts for just a few minutes and the first impression is necessary to be the best.

5. Answer quickly and clearly

Make sure that you don’t stuck up somewhere in mid of the interview. Stopping while speaking makes a negative impression on the who is taking your interview. So it is necessary to speak fluently and clearly during the interview.

6. Be specific

You have to be specific in your approach. Why do you want to study in the United States? It is the common question. So you have to be ready with a good answer to this question.

7. Get good grades or get good explanations

Even though your grades are not good, you need to have good explanations. That how you are going to perform well in the United States.