Radiators aren’t what they used to be. Instead of having the option of white or white again, you can have all sorts of colours and designs to really make your home unique. You might go for tall radiators to create a sense of grandness about the room or you may prefer a vintage style and try a modern cast iron radiator. The possibilities are endless thanks to the never ending different designs and colours of radiator available. So, if you’re trying to up your interior design game and are stumped on the radiator, keep reading and discover how easy it is to colour your rooms with them!

Use The Radiator For Colour

One of the easiest ways you can colour the room is with a radiator itself. You could have a completely neutrally decorated room and then add a pop of colour with the radiator. Something like a stone coloured palette with a bright yellow radiator really speaks volumes and allows you to add colour to the room without adding too much. If you’re not really a fan of colour, then using your radiator to elevate the room can be a great way to do it. You could even go for greys or blacks to keep it in line with the rest of the room. Whatever radiator colour you choose, try to either make it pop or blend in. That way you’ll be able to create the perfect finished look.

Match The Radiator To The Walls

A really cool way to colour a room is to use all of the same tones or colours. This can help the room to feel much bigger than it really is, and you can add to this with the radiator colour that you choose. Try going for a radiator that’s the same colour as the wall it’s put on and it will blend in really well with the overall design. Going for a more camouflaged look will enable you to create a room that feels open and airy without physically extending it. This style can also look extremely classy, and it will match vintage or modern designs easily. The colours that work best with this tend to be darker tones like black, grey, and even dark greens. So, why not truly fit your radiator into your colour palette by making it become a part of it.

Make It A Statement Piece

If you want to truly make your radiator stand out and be a focal point of the room, try to make it the complete opposite of what the wall behind it is. For example, copper radiators look amazing up against black walls as the bronze effect of the heater really creates a modern looking design against the darkness. It’s easy to make your radiator the statement piece purely based on the colour alone. So, you don’t have to go for something super crazy in design, but just make sure the colour is popping. You can also match up the colour of the radiator with another piece in the room too. Say you have gorgeous velvet, emerald, and green curtains, you could choose a radiator of the same colour and place it on the wall opposite them. This helps to create a balance in the overall look of the room while still making the radiator a focal point.

Mix The Past and Present

You might think that when it comes to interior design, you have to either stick to vintage or modern, and there’s no in between. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth! You can easily create a blend of the past and the present by opting for a radiator that’s the opposite of your room. If you have a period building and all of your rooms look somewhat older, you can easily pop a metallic vertical radiator onto the wall to give it a touch of the 2020’s. You could also go the other way and have a modern home that you want to bring back into the past a little. So, you could have a very neutral modern looking room and then add a retro cast iron radiator to really give it some history. There is a way to create a mix of old and new without it being too jarring either, and using radiators is one of the best ways to do it.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to create a stylish room with colourful radiators. You can easily have a statement piece in the form of a radiator, or you could create the perfect blend of colours by camouflaging your radiator as well. Whatever design choice you go for, you’ll find that your radiator really sets it all off and is the ideal finishing touch!