When you’re creating an Instagram account for your brand, it’s essential to choose a username that reflects your branding message. Think of it as the first impression you make on potential customers – what do you want them to think when they see your Instagram profile?

Consider the name carefully, as it’s the identifier that will appear at the top of your profile and in each post’s caption. That’s why it’s important to choose carefully. It should reflect your brand message, while still being easy to remember. The right username can help you get noticed and build a community of loyal followers around your brand, boosting its visibility on Instagram and giving you access to potential customers, while the wrong one may prevent people from recognizing your brand or remembering you easily.

How to Choose an Instagram Username that Aligns with your Brand's Message

Choosing the right Instagram username for your business is a crucial decision that should not be taken lightly. Many users overlook this step, but it can have a significant impact on how people perceive your brand and how easy it is to remember your profile.

Here are some tips to help you choose an Instagram username that aligns with your brand’s message:

1) Make sure it is unique

There are tens if not hundreds of thousands of usernames out there so make sure yours stands out from the crowd. Consider using something unique or specific to your brand, like a tagline or slogan, rather than generic words or phrases. A catchy and memorable username should include some combination of numbers, letters, punctuation marks, or words that are easy to remember and spell. Additional characters like a hashtag (#) or underscore (_) can also make for an eye-catching display name.

2) Keep it simple

Your username should be easy to remember and spell so that people can find you quickly and easily on Instagram. Avoid long, complicated usernames or anything with numbers or punctuation marks as these make it difficult for potential customers to find you.

3) Make it relevant

Your username must reflect your brand. If you are a clothing company, consider including words related to fashion in your username such as ‘style’ or ‘trends’. This will help customers quickly identify what kind of business they have stumbled upon.

4) Use keywords related to your industry or niche in your username

This is a great way to show potential followers what kind of content you share and why they should follow you. Think about words that best represent what you do and use them in your username. Your username should reflect what kind of content you create and be in line with your brand’s mission. For example, if you are a fashion blogger, using “stylish_fashionista” would be an appropriate choice or if you are a travel blogger, consider including the words “travel” or “adventure” into your username.

5) Consider a tagline

If you have a catchy slogan associated with your brand, consider incorporating it into your username. This will help to further cement your brand name in people’s minds.

6) Make sure it’s available

Before settling on a particular username, make sure that it is still available. You want to make sure that your username is not already taken – which means that it may take some time and research to come up with the perfect one. It’s important to be creative and think of different variations that you can use, especially if your first choice is already taken.

7) Think about the length

Short usernames are easier to remember, so try to keep it under 15 characters if possible. Also, consider using underscores or dashes instead of spaces between words. This will make it easier for users to type your username into their search bar and find you quickly.

8) Avoid symbols or numbers

Symbols can be confusing and difficult to interpret, while numbers can make your username less memorable. If you must use a symbol or number, keep it simple and easy to read (e.g., “_” instead of “*”).

9) Avoid offensive language

In addition to ensuring that the username is meaningful and memorable, avoid using any profanity, double meanings or offensive language as this could hurt your brand’s reputation.

10) Use the same username for all your social media profiles

For a cohesive look, consider using the same username for all your social media profiles. This will make it easier for customers to find you across different channels. Lastly, if you decide to change your account name at any point, be sure to notify your followers so they don’t get confused!

Ultimately, the perfect Instagram username will reflect who you are as a business and capture the attention of potential customers. With these tips in mind, you should have no trouble finding an amazing Instagram username that aligns with your brand’s message.


Q) How do I choose an Instagram username that aligns with my brand’s message?

  1. When creating your Instagram username, make sure it reflects the message and values of your brand. Consider keywords related to your business, such as its name or mission statement, to help you generate ideas for a memorable and recognizable username. Additionally, be sure to use a unique username that’s not already taken and is easy to spell.

Q) What happens if I need to change my Instagram username?

  1. If you need to change your Instagram username, you can do so from the settings of your account. Simply go to the “Edit Profile” section and input a new username. Bear in mind that changing your username will not affect any existing content associated with your account, but it may cause issues with account recognition and may make it difficult for users to find your profile, so choose wisely!


Every business and individual will have different criteria for their username selection process. It is important to take the time to reflect on what you want your username to represent, and consider how it will fit into your overall branding message. The right username can help to attract potential followers and build recognition for your brand, while the wrong one may do more harm than good. With careful consideration and attention to detail, you can ensure that your username aligns with your brand’s message and helps you create a successful Instagram account.