Are you searching about how to become a Travel Agent? Well, Travel agent seems like a pretty glamorous job, but it has its own pros and cons. Even though it may seem tedious, but it’s a fun job combined with a bit of hard work, but then come on, which job doesn’t have a bit of effort in it. What travel agents do is help people plan their vacations easily, and other trips too in their own country or even around the world.

how to become a travel agent

How To Become A Travel Agent

Now a days, some people prefer to make all the bookings by themselves, but a lot of people still use travel agents for this. They know the intricate details and would provide you the best deals when it comes to flight bookings, hotel reservations, car bookings as well as the activities that happen at the destination.

What is the kind of training that one needs to undergo to become a travel agent?

Usually what happens is that travel agents generally pick up everything on the job, but it is recommended that you should attend the tourism courses offered by some colleges to get a holistic picture of the industry. This is because tourism programs often focus on business principles like sales and marketing, travel planning, airline pricing as well as on itinerary planning.

If you elaborate this, you would get to know that this mainly focuses on how to book airlines, as well as hotels and cab bookings. So whichever classes you take, it needs to be focused on travel regulations as well as on how to market yourself.

Networking is the most important in this field. If you have a good social circle, then you would never be out of a job, and be pretty successful too.

how to become a travel agent

What are the traits that a travel agent needs to have?

The most important trait is that you need to be exceptionally confident as well as worldly wise. You need to get across this message to your clients that you are offering them the best vacation ever, and there is very less chance any other could do better than you.

You need to be more adventure seeking, and be prone to dangerous and exotic things. You need to analyze which is the one that the client would love and find some great places and locations accordingly. Try to improve how well you communicate, as your first impression matters. The success rate of a person depends on how well can he communicate, and such will be in this case too. Gather up all the relevant details about everything, so that you have things to talk about to your client.

You need to know how to be able to multi task. You would be dealing with a lot of itineraries together, and thus you need to know how this needs to be done as well as deadlines should be met.

Are there any certification or licensure requirements on How to become a travel agent?

In India, most of the places don’t actually require travel agents to hold a license or certificate, but some require travel agents to register with the state. In this you would have to fill out a few forms, pay a minimum fees and then they would receive a registration number. So, it totally depends on your business and how well it is set up, and also your location, and you might require a travel agent license.

How long does it take to become a travel agent?

The sooner, the better, is what is usually said. So since there is no industry standard, you can try going into this field directly after you graduate from school. It is obviously recommended that one should pursue a degree in tourism before you find a job.

The best way is to understand the industry, put yourself in your client’s shoes and prepare yourself for any hardship and circumstances that you might face while on the field. If you think you are good enough then open your own business, and if you still might be hesitant then its better if you join an organization.

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We have more tips on How to become a Travel Agent, Continue reading below.

becoming a travel agent

What are the future career prospects of Becoming Travel Agent?

People now a days don’t usually prefer to use travel agents for bookings, but still this is a pretty growing market. Agents who can easily make good sale when working with an agency, can eventually move out and then start their own agencies.

If you have a good circle of friends and co-workers, then you could do wonders. They can assist and promote your business. You can easily start as an independent one, or tie up with an agency for assistance. Try to be familiar with the popular travel destinations, and this could do you a world of good in terms of your future career options.

Being a travel agent has its own risks if you work independently, but it is recommended that you do so. This would make you more adept to the market, and you would be in a situation to handle hardships and failure on your own. And once you are done with this phase, then you would surely reach heights of success. It’s just the initial phase of struggle, but then face it, which career option doesn’t have it.

And this industry pays you well, if you manage to do a certain number of sales. Thus, read up thoroughly about everything, get a first-hand experience in flight bookings, hotel transfers as well as cab bookings. Thus, it’s a pretty good field to make a career in, and has a lot of scope if you join early.

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