Whether you have a diagnosed condition or feel a little lonely and would like companionship, the data doesn’t lie – dogs really are man’s best friend. But what is it about dogs that help exactly? Is it their cute eyes or the way their ears droop?

It might have more to do with their incredibly accurate ability to detect human issues – physical or mental – before we can notice them ourselves. Although, their cuteness definitely helps!

How a Service Dog Might Be the Best Thing for Your Mental Health

What is a Service Dog?

Service animals are specially trained to help the people they are paired with. This could be helping to cross the street or calming us down during a panic attack. But, sometimes, they can even detect abnormalities in our blood levels! Most often, the animal of choice for service animals is the ever-loyal dog.

This is partly to do with how well they take to being trained. You might think service animals are bought up to have that role from birth, but that’s not always the case. If you have recently acquired the need for a service animal and already have a dog, it’s possible to get them trained for you! Check out how to make your dog a service dog for more information.

Physical Benefits

Service dogs can help with various human problems, but some of the most impressive examples of how they help are with symptoms such as seizures. What’s more impressive is how we don’t even fully understand the extent of how dogs do it!

Some suggest that the dogs can pick up on minute, subconscious behavioral changes in their humans; others theorize they might be able to smell it on us – through hormones or other chemicals. Either way, it’s an incredible achievement.

Mental Benefits

It’s undeniable that spending time with a dog for a short while can significantly improve one’s mood, and the positive effect on our mental health cannot be overstated. Some schools are now bringing in service dogs for precisely that reason!

Research has shown that owning a service dog can improve social, emotional, and school/work performance, whether due to a diagnosed disorder or just for general well-being. So, while you can joke about how a dog would solve all your problems… you might not be far off.

Embrace the Help of Man’s Best Friend!

There’s a reason dogs have such a good reputation for their relationship with humans. The love between a person and their pet has long been understood as familial, but now we’re starting to understand just how beneficial they are on a medical level.

If you’re struggling in some aspect of your life, especially if it’s stress-related, perhaps it’s time to consider getting a dog as a companion. The data doesn’t lie – you won’t regret it.