Newborn babies are love! They have the cuteness of the universe, and they are the icing on the cake when born in the festive season like Christmas. The Methodist Children’s Hospital located in Texas is following a tradition in which they wrap the newborn babies into Christmas stockings, and then they give them to their parents as a special Christmas gift. It becomes indeed a highly specialized, and emotional moment for the parents, as well as the entire family.

All those babies who born in December are wrapped in beautiful red, and white Christmas dresses, and these stockings are provided by the hospital itself without charging any money. The hospital has been following this tradition for more than 50 years now, and since then the parents are having the first look at their child in the form of a small Santa.

There is a special volunteer staff in the hospital who are known as “Bluebirds”, they make these special, cute costumes for newborn babies, and dress them up after cleaning. Taking inspiration from the hospital, other hospitals have also started following the same procedure.

cute stockings are made by a volunteer group called the Bluebirds of Methodist Hospital.


So, this is a very cute thing that the hospital does, and we hope that they will keep doing the same. Best wishes!

Watch the full video below.