Everyone has a dream of going for a honeymoon in Switzerland. The honeymoon does not mean only roaming at places with hands in hands, it plays an important role in our life. We get to spend time with our life partner and since no third person is there, we can talk with our life partner about anything, like about our past life, about our hobbies, likes/dislikes and so on so that we can understand our partner more. Yes, if it is your love marriage then the scenario is different because you already know about each other.

The world is so big and there are so many places that you select for your honeymoon, but have you ever thought about spending amazing days with your partner in Switzerland? You must be wondering why I am talking about Switzerland only. You will get to know soon.

If you love mountains, monuments, lakes, historical places, forts, train journey then you must visit Switzerland for your honeymoon. If you are a citizen of India and visiting Switzerland then it will take approximately 7000 Kilometers. But once you reach there, you will pray for staying there for your entire life.

Top 10 places for Honeymoon in Switzerland

honeymoon in switzerland

Switzerland is considered as one of the best honeymoon places in the world and almost everyone would love to go there when it comes to spending quality time with their loved ones especially when it’s their honeymoon. There are many sites which provide honeymoon packages for Switzerland but do you know which are the Perfect Switzerland Honeymoon Places you can visit? Are you planning your Honeymoon in Switzerland but don’t know where in Switzerland? Don’t worry, today I am here to tell you the Top 10 Places in Switzerland where you can visit and create memories with your loved ones.

1) Zurich:

Zurich best for honeymoon Places for Honeymoon in Switzerland

I know by this name, only Raj and Simran of DDLJ comes to your mind, but apart from this movie, Zurich now is one of the best place in Switzerland that you can visit if you want to enjoy your honeymoon days. There are multiple places in Zurich like own town, the museum of fine arts, Swiss national museum, fraumunster.

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2) Geneva

geneva honeymoon in switzerlandIf you love boating and want to enjoy a boat ride with your hubby or wife at sunset, you must visit the Lake Geneva, located in Geneva city Switzerland. Places that you can enjoy visiting in Geneva are Chamonix and Mont, Annecy tour, Mont Saleve, Paragliding. You can even find Geneva packages on various websites.

 3) Basel

If you and your partner both love exploring history then you must visit Basel, Switzerland. Now, what there? You can go and hear the full story of old Basel town. You can also visit places like Basel Paper Mill Museum, Basel city sightseeing tour, Basel Munster and more.

4) Lake Maggiore

Love boating? Grab the tickets of your boat in which you can spend quality time with each other with the sunset view. Visit Lake Maggiore and enjoy your honeymoon in Switzerland. Apart from boating, you can explore the Borromean island, Isola Madre, Tresa river and lake and more places nearby.

5) Lucerne

lucerne or luzerne honeymoon in switzerland

If you love the mountain view and want to climb, glide and enjoy hiking you must visit Lucerne. The place is famous for mount climbing and hiking. You can also explore the lake Lucerne, the iconic winding bridge lined with art. There is a place near Lucerne known as Rigi where you can reach by train. The place is also famous for the same that is mountain climbing and hiking.

6) Neuchatel

Places you can visit in Neuchatel is the creux du van, lac de Neuchâtel, the collegiate church, Chaumont panoramic, place pury, the chateau and more. These are some of the places located in Neuchatel, Switzerland where you can spend some good time with your life partner and create unforgettable memories of your honeymoon in Switzerland.

7) Bern

Take your wife to the rose garden in Bern and make her day. Every girl loves surprises and this is one of the best gifts you can gift to your life partner as the best memory of Honeymoon in Switzerland. Other things you can do in Bern is visited the old town and explore the old city, visit Baren park for watching the famous monuments and statues. You can visit various museums like Bernisches Historisches, Zentrum Paul Klee, Museum of Fine Arts. Some of the famous points you must visit is Clock Tower and Child Eater Fountain.

8) Bellinzona

There are some of the known sights and landmarks in Bellinzona that you must visit if you are going to Switzerland. They are Castelli di Bellinzona, Castle Grande, Sasso Corbaro Castle and more. If you and your partner love biking then you can go to Bike Port for biking. There are two more outdoor activities you can do in Bellinzona that is Par 54 and San Bernardino Pass where you can do climbing.

9) Montreux

Montreux is considered as one of the famous places in Switzerland that you can visit for fun. Top things you can do in Montreux is, you can take the experience of queen studio, visit the golden pass line via train, look at the beautiful mountains from the top of Rochers-de-Naye, Freddie Mercury Memorial and more. You can also travel in Swiss chocolate train and enjoy the journey of your trip.

10) Zermatt

Want to spend some quality time with your partner in the snow? Then book the package for your honeymoon in Switzerland and visit Zermatt. It is the best place if you want to enjoy the cold season. You can view many day and night packages on various sites and plan your trip accordingly.

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If you are visiting Switzerland then don’t forget to visit Jungfraujoch Top of Europe. The place is beautifully covered with ice and has got on of the best views in the world.

Final Words on honeymoon in Switzerland

Mentioned above are the Top 10 Best Places in Switzerland that you can visit if you are planning your Honeymoon in Switzerland. Select any of the place mentioned above, tell your hubby to book the tickets and enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest. These days will never come back.