Who isn’t fond of wearing a Lather Jacket? Ranging from the bikers to the soldiers and pretty girls wearing it in parties and while traveling. A Jacket has become a fashion statement. Our present comprehensive article on, History Of Jackets from then till now we will give you a complete overview of the ups and downs in the fashion and application in History of Jackets.

History Of Jackets – From then till now

Following sections will give you a brief introduction about the History of Jackets from the previous century till present.

Introduction in War Clothes

History Of Jackets from then till now

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Perhaps, a shock for all of us. The Leather Jackets found their first usage in the First World War. We can find the pictures of aviation members as well as that of military wearing the jackets. It was a part of their uniform and the main significance of the leather jacket was to provide them the necessary security. Yakov Sverdlov shall get the main credit for the usage of Leather Jackets in Military.

With the commencement of the twentieth century, the leather jackets started gaining popularity. Since then, it never looks back into the past and become a style statement for many of us.

Appearance in Hollywood

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The Leather Jacket started featuring in the movies in 1928. Irving Scott was the first to introduce these jackets in the movies. The name of this jacket was Perfecto. This began a trend of wearing jackets while riding a motorbike. After that, many producers and actors tried jackets in their movies. People started imitating them and soon the leather jackets became popular among people.

Till becoming a Fashion Statement

History Of Jackets from then till now2

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Nowadays, the jacket is not just a protection tool or for protecting us against cold waves. It has become a fashion statement. We can notice pretty girls wearing jackets while catwalk on the ramp. There are varieties of jackets available in the market now. We can choose in between trendy colors, shapes, sizes, fashion and durability. This also resulted in the enhancement of the people wearing leather jackets.

Hence, if you are a fan of jackets then you are having versatile options available to choose from.

Difference between various Jackets

Before getting a jacket for yourself, it is necessary knowing the difference in between various types of jackets. There are two kinds of jackets available, the one we use for protection while the other that we use as our style statement. The one that we use for protection is made up of high-quality particles, making the jacket extremely durable and capable of resisting plenty of stresses.

Whereas, the fashionable jackets are made up of lighter material, with trendy colors, design, shape as well as size. Although History of Jackets is vast, there are wide options available with us now to choose from.

We hope Don’t Get Serious’s comprehensive article will be helpful to you for getting familiar with the History of Jackets.

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