7 Haunted Places In Goa That Will Give You Goosebumps


 Goa also has many haunted places and Stories to believe. Supernatural Activities, Paranormal Sites, Scary Stories which makes us believe in it. We have list of 7 haunted places in Goa That will give you Goosebumps.

7 Haunted Places In Goa That Will Give You Goosebumps

1.D’Mello House

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One of the most haunted places in Goa, D’Mello House. It is at Santemol.  There were two brothers staying in the house. To get this property they constantly fight with each other. The argument was on the rise between two brothers and suddenly one died.  No come came to knew what happen or cause of the death.  People experiences hear window panes cracking, glass objects falling on the ground, loud violent screams and even footsteps. The owners didn’t find any buyers for this house. All paranormal activities are seen here.


2.The Three Kings Church


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A  Village named  Cansaulim 15 KM away from Valsaav in South Goa. It is considered haunted place from an era. There is a story by their local people. The three kings were ruling the same region. They wanted to be the sole owner. One day king killed his brothers by giving poisoned food. This news reached to the locals they got together into the King’s  House. The king decided to commit suicide. From that time onwards the three kings spirits have seen roaming in the church. The Indian Paranormal Society have confirmed about invisible energy exists there.


3. Borim Bridge

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 The haunted bridge in Goa has a mystery. There were three friends driving across on a deadly night. They saw a woman far running on the bridge. she yelled and jumped into the river from the bridge.  No one  found the women. The friend who was on back seat saw the lady sitting in the car. In great fear, they reached their home. An old lady spirit has haunted the bridge. People avoid traveling from the bridge in the night.

4. Saligao Village

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The story is from the inner small village of Goa. An annoyed spirit named  ‘Christalina’.  In the village, there is a banyan tree where the spirit resided. The children get panic to go near by it. Almost 61 years ago a Portuguese man went missing in the village. He was having many scratches and wounds on his body.  The only word he said was ‘Christalina’.

 5.The Rodrigues Home


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It is bungalow in Verna. There some abnormal activity has noticed. The windows and doors that open and shut on their own. The bed sheet keeps missing in the night. Spending a night there is like a night mate.

6.NH 17

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The most well-known haunted places in Goa. NH 17, the road is the haunt of witches. The people advise not to carry meat while traveling. Especially at midnight.

7. Igorchem Bandh


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A daylight haunted place Igorchem Bandh . Especially in afternoon times. There is a church behind Raia. It is possessed by evil spirits by  2 PM and 3 PM.


*This article has been compiled by studying various sources online and offline. We are not trying to create rumours or abuse any place by writing about it. Also we have not experienced any paranormal activities at any place in GOA so please don’t get serious.

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