7 Haunted Places in Delhi That Will Give You Goosebumps


Delhi is the capital of India & today we have list of haunted places in delhi and the Scary Nightmare locations and incidents Which will give you goosebumps?  All below place have paranormal activities which make us rethink on Unnatural powers surrounding us. The places which are mention have some unusual incidents. Here we give you 7 haunted places in Delhi which will give you goosebumps.

7 Haunted Places in Delhi That Will Give You Goosebumps


1. House Number W-13, GK-II

Source:  Travel Triangle

A mysterious murder of an old couple occurred in the house.The couple voice is heard by neighbours from that haunted house. Many say they have seen the couples phantom standing and peeping from the windows.

2. Khooni Darwaza


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Khooni Darwaza means Bloody Gate. This is an ancient monument build in 1540 by Emperor Sher Shah Suri. Three princes were killed there. One more incident took place at the time in British rule in India some freedom fighters were hanged here. People have experienced screams and cries. The temperature drops here that can give you chills to the bones and lead you to death.


3.The Karkardooma Delhi Court

Source:  Travel Triangle

Lawyers of Karkardooma Court have noticed paranormal activities in the corridors and office area. Vigilance camera has captured a hazy figure. Flies are out of the drawers. People working in the office premises are afraid to work after sunset.


4. Sanjay Van

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The Sanjay Van has spread in10 km. Paradise for children and attracted to nature lover in daytime. In the night it’s unsafe. The person who passes through the forest has experienced children laughing noises. Some shadow follows you in in the dark and could not way to come out of the forest.


5. Agrasen ki Baoli

Source: India.com

The place is scary on a look. It feels like claustrophobic. Evils residences in the Baoli. The black water in the step – well attracts visitors. There are many pigeons and bats in the well.There is no water in the well.

6. Lothian Cemetery

Source: Most Inside

Ghost caring there disjoint head in his hand as seen by some people. The person passes from the cemetery often hear haunted laughs and cries from the place. The beheaded ghost is often seen. Delhi’s most haunted place to visit in the night.

7.Firoz Shah Kotla Fort

Source: Journey & Life

This fort is built in the 14th century. This is the most silent place, especially on Thursday evenings. There are many stories about Djinns presences. People have experience pushed and thrashed by an unknown force. The visitors have often experienced some one following till they reach their home.

*This article has been compiled by studying various sources online and offline. We are not trying to create rumours or abuse any place by writing about it so please don’t get serious.

Cover Image Source :- Fear And You

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