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Durga Puja—the religious worship of the mother goddess, is one of the greatest festivals in India. Aside from being a religious occasion for the Hindus, it is also considered an occasion for getting together and rejoicing, and a celebration of the beautiful culture and traditions. While the rituals involve a ten day fast, a lot of food, and prayer, the last four days—Saptami, Ashtami, Navami, and Dashami—are welcomed with much enthusiasm and grandeur in India and outside, especially in the city of Bengal, where the powerful goddess riding the lion is welcome and worshipped with utmost passion and dedication.

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Maa Durga and the ruthless demon fought each other for 10 continuous days, the war came to an end with Maa Durga killing Mahishasur, and henceforth this day is rejoiced all around as Vijay Dashami, as a symbol of the triumph of good over bad. On the final day, the devotees immerse the idol of Maa Durga in the sacred Ganga.

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