Is your hair curly? While many people admire the look of females with curls, women with frizzy hair find it challenging to maintain it strong and shiny. Curls are sometimes impossible to tame and demanding to control, particularly when exposed to windy or humid weather.

Unlike other textures, curls have to be properly hydrated and styled to look lovely. Fortunately, women can try various products, tools, and hairstyles to tame their wild curls. There are numerous techniques for curling short hair without heat, such as using foam rollers, fabric strips, pin curls, headbands, etc.

The tips below are suitable for females with curly hairstyles.

Use the right products

The primary thing to consider when shopping for hair styling products is your curl porosity. The porosity of your hair refers to its ability for moisture absorption, not just water but also the absorption of oils. For instance, low porosity occurs in women whose cuticles are tight, which means moisture faces difficulties in penetrating the cuticles. As a result, when applied, the products tend to build up, making the hair look dull and lifeless.

High porosity, on the other hand, is typical for females whose cuticles are raised, not tight. Raised cuticles usually result from damage, capable of absorbing plenty of moisture but incapable of retaining it. Consequently, low-porosity curls should be treated with lightweight products in order to look lovely, whereas high-porosity curls can look healthy only if moisturized with oils and proteins.

In order for the curls to be properly hydrated, women are advised to use a cocktail of products. For example, the combination of coconut oil and smoothening serum is highly recommended for preventing curly hair from looking dry. Serums do wonders for females having trouble separating and defining their curls. Conversely, styling creams are considered the best products for keeping their defined look for as long as possible.

Try the pineapple trick

Curly hair has a tendency of getting messy overnight, regardless of how defined curls look before going to bed. Nowadays, plenty of women use the pineapple technique to retain the volume of their hair while sleeping by gathering it loosely in a ponytail or bun right before hitting the sack. Make sure you use a scrunchie to hold it loosely at the base.

Best Tips for Curly Hair Styles

In order for the hairstyle to look like a pineapple, half of it should fall on the left side, whereas the other half should fall on the right side. Once you wake up, take the scrunchie out and shake out your hair. For an even better result, sleep on a silk pillowcase so as to reduce the amount of friction in the course of the night. Click here to learn some tricks for protecting your curly hair while sleeping.

Use a diffuser

Females with curly hairstyles are recommended to use some of the attachments that come with their hairdryers, such as the diffuser. When leaving the curls to dry naturally, the curl pattern and volume aren’t as nice-looking as expected. Diffusers, however, are believed to increase the volume and retain the pattern.

Prior to using a diffuser, women are supposed to eliminate every single drop of excessive moisture from their washed hair by using a microfiber towel. It’s important not to wrap it in a turban following the shower so as to avoid frizz. After applying a heat protectant, use the diffuser to dry your curls from near the scalp to the tips.

Try different hairstyles

There is a multitude of curly hairstyles for women to experiment with, allowing them to wear their hair both up and down in a stylish way. Trying a variety of hairstyles not only helps females look trendy but also prevents their curls from getting messy when exposed to wind or high humidity.

For example, an everyday hairstyle many females prefer is the topknot. Make sure to gather your curls into a ponytail and use an elastic to secure it. They should be divided into two sections, one of which should be wrapped around the ponytail’s base, while the other should be wrapped around the first section. Don’t forget to secure both sections with bobby pins. Use your fingers to make the shape of the bun perfectly round.

Besides an everyday topknot, women can try a braided topknot following almost the same instructions. The only difference between the two hairstyles is leaving an extra section of hair in order to make a braid. Once you are finished braiding the section, you are supposed to wrap it around the topknot and use a couple of bobby pins to secure it.

Braids are among the most popular hairstyles for females looking to tame their curls. There are various braids for women to choose from, such as Dutch braids, cornrows, or French braids. Prior to braiding your hair, remember to moisturize and separate your curls. Follow this link,, for a step-by-step guide to making a Dutch braid.

Another hairstyle that helps females keep their curls out of their face is the slicked-back ponytail. You are supposed to apply gel to the hair and use a brush to pull it into a ponytail at the back of the head. Use your fingers to add extra volume to the ponytail if you prefer a more voluminous look.

hair style

Even women with short hair can curl it without using any heat in the process. There are multiple techniques that provide satisfactory results, such as using foam rollers, pin curls, fabric strips, or a headband. All these techniques require females to wash their hair, comb it to prevent tangles, separate it into multiple sections, and curl it with the help of the above-mentioned tools. For the best results, females should sleep in them and remove them in the morning.

The bottom line

Your curly hair can look magnificent if taking care of it properly.

Try the hairstyles mentioned above whenever you wish to make a slight change in your appearance.

Make sure to use the right products and tricks!