‘Bridezilla’ can make the big day go spectacularly wrong in a number of ways. Here’s the classic case where the maid of honor announced that the wedding was canceled just 5 minutes before the start of the ceremony because of a bizarre reason!

Groom cancels wedding after bride caught having a ‘quickie’ with his uncle

A Reddit user went on to describe the incident on the platform on Wedding Shaming. Dana and Josh were high school sweethearts getting married on Jan 14. But, the Bridezilla made Josh call off his wedding in the 11th hour after finding Dana in an intimate situation with his own uncle just minutes before they’d say “I do“.

The Reddit user, who was a bridesmaid at the wedding, explained how Dana had ‘crazy’ demands from the maid of honor, the bridesmaids, and the rest of the family causing chaos at the entire event. From asking bridesmaids to spend $2000 on their dresses to canceling family vacations for her bachelorette trip, she had done it all. The bride had even asked Josh not to invite any of his single female friends who were not family.

Wedding Is Canceled After Bride Is Caught Having an Affair with Groom's Uncle

But the meat of the story was on D-day when the maid of honor revealed that Josh had caught Dana with his uncle in a room having an intimate moment minutes before the ceremony. For unknown reasons, the bride was caught in a shocking appearance which led to the wedding being cancelled abruptly and the bridesmaids escaping the venue.

Groom cancels wedding after bride caught having a ‘quickie’ with his uncle

But the Bridezilla was too much on Dana’s head. And if getting caught red-handed cheating on her groom on the wedding day wasn’t embarrassing enough, she even tried to recoup the wedding cancelation costs from the bridesmaids.

As the incident was described on social media, Redditors had mixed responses to the whole drama. Some users pointed out the bride as a ‘red flag’ considering her toxic behavior. Some even expressed that it was a last-minute escape for the groom and things worked out for his best. Others even expressed their curiosity suggesting the bridesmaid to “check in with the maid of honor to find out what happened”.

Bride busted having a ‘quickie’ with groom’s uncle 30 minutes before wedding ceremony

We wonder what a trash heap was the groom’s uncle to do that on his big day! The question is whether it was a heat of the moment or a long-back relationship.