Situation has become quite messy since past couple of days in our country due to the change in the currency notes. A lot of people are facing problems to fulfil their daily needs due to lack of withdrawal limit from the banks. People have got frustrated and so the withdrawal limit has been changed now.

In the first 4 days of currency change around 21 crore transaction has been done in different banks and people are freaking out and everyone felt the need to increase the withdrawal limits.

Great Relief For Common Man! Withdrawal Limits From Banks & ATM’s Have Been Increased!

Checkout the new withdrawal limits.

1) Per day you can withdraw 2,500 Rs from ATM instead of 2,000 Rs.

2) The exchange limit has increased from 4,000 Rs to 4,500 Rs.

3) Over-the-counter withdrawal limit has been increased from 20,000 t0 24,000 Rs per week.

4) The daily withdrawal limit was 10,000 and that was not sufficient to fulfil daily needs so it has been removed. You can now withdraw 24,000 Rs at one time from bank.