You might not have ever considered purchasing a golf course home before. A golf course home is one that’s right next to a golf course. In some instances, you might have a backyard that abuts a golf course’s fairway or some other part of the course.

Such homes exist all over the country, but you will often find them in places like Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, and Arizona. Those are all big golfing states, and many individuals come from all over the country to go on vacation there and play the courses.

Golf Course Home

Let’s talk about what to consider when buying a golf course home. It might sound like a paradise on Earth for some people, while others may feel differently.

Golf Course Home Pros

We’ll start by going over some of the reasons why buying a golf course home might appeal to you. The primary and most obvious reason to buy a golf course home is if you like golf or even love it. If you watch the US Open and other events every year, and you couldn’t wait to see Tiger Woods recover from his near-fatal car wreck, this might be a good move for you.

If you enjoy golf, you can get a membership to the course that’s right next to your home. If it’s a public course, you won’t even need to pay any membership dues.

You won’t have to drive to get to the course. You can just leave your home and walk to the clubhouse, which shouldn’t be more than a couple of miles away at the most.

Golf course homes also usually keep their value pretty well, as compared to others. You can never completely predict housing market fluctuation, but golf lovers will always enjoy living next to golf courses, especially the more well-regarded ones.

The course owners will likely take great care of the course, which means your neighborhood will never get very run down.

Golf Course Home Cons

Some potential golf course cons exist as well. For instance, maybe you don’t like golf very much or have any interest in it. Some people don’t enjoy watching golf on TV, and they don’t like playing it, either.

If you don’t like golf, buying a golf course home probably doesn’t make much sense. You will always have golfers walking past the house, and a day likely won’t pass without you hearing the thwack of golfers hitting shots as they try to dig their balls out of the sand. Maybe you might even hear some colorful language going on at the same time.

A rainy day is the only time you might get some relief. Also, if your house is literally right next to the golf course, you may have privacy issues. If you like to walk around in your underwear, you never know if you might look over one day and see a bunch of golfers staring at you through your kitchen window.

Also, just because you live next to a golf course, that does not necessarily mean they will accept you as a member. Some clubs will only let in new members every few years, and they charge exorbitant amounts of money in dues.

You will need to watch out for flying golf balls as well. You never know when one will come whistling in and fly through your window. You will probably want to have a window replacement company standing by at all times.

Consider the Pros and Cons Carefully Before You Proceed

Basically, if you’re a golf fan, it makes more sense for you to buy a golf course home than if you detest the sport. You’re not going to like living in a golf course home if you don’t know the first thing about golf and don’t want to learn.

If you play and watch it a lot, though, moving into a golf course home can be the gift to yourself that keeps on giving. Maybe you’ll have to talk your spouse or partner into it if they don’t like the sport much. If they like it as much as you do, though, they might agree if you propose a course-adjacent home.

At least you should have plenty of doctors nearby if you suddenly have a heart attack or some other sudden onset health issue. Doctors often love the game, so there’s a good chance you can just run out onto the course and flag down the nearest foursome if you need medical help.