People who look forward to retirement are those people who have done everything in their power to save money while they were working and are, thus, sure they can enjoy this part of their life to the fullest. You can be that person too. Although the concept of saving in itself can be a bit tricky, given that we all have periods of trying to save and then spending the money on one thing or another, this process has actually been facilitated with the introduction of various retirement accounts you can use to accumulate wealth.

Gold for Retirement

This could perhaps give you some ideas on how to save:

While the idea of accumulating wealth and keeping it safe until you retire isn’t new, the methods of saving have definitely been changing. Nowadays, apart from those 401ks we’re all used to, people can set up self-directed IRAs, with the aim of adding some alternative assets to their portfolios, including gold. The self-directed IRA is, at least for now, the only account that offers those alternative options, meaning that you’ll need to set it up if you’ve been thinking of adding gold to your retirement portfolio.

You might have been thinking about doing that, but you probably haven’t made up your mind yet, given that you’re here, trying to get your answer to the question of whether you should invest in gold this way. To invest or not to invest – that’s just one part of the story that’s bothering you. The second part is related to the process of choosing a precious metals dealer to work with if you actually decide to invest. And, getting answers to both of those questions, which you’ll do if you read on, will make things much clearer and help push you towards the right direction of this entire process.

Gold for Retirement

Should You Add Gold to Your Retirement Portfolio?

Starting with the basics, we first need to cover the topic of whether you should actually add gold to your retirement portfolio or not, as there’s no point in talking about choosing a dealer if you’re not sure that this is the best move for you. Well, if you take a look at this trend, you’ll realize that it is not that new and that a lot of people have started using it to their advantage. The fact that it isn’t new means that it is sustainable and that you shouldn’t worry about the entire concept failing in the future. After all, it’s gold we’re talking about, and that valuable asset isn’t going anywhere.

The fact that a lot of people are doing this means that there have to be some amazing reasons for actually doing it. All of that could lead us to concluding that you should also give these types of investments a chance and try adding gold to your retirement portfolio. Of course, simply hearing that people have amazing reasons for doing this won’t be enough to encourage you to do the same. What you want instead is to actually figure out what those reasons are, so as to get a clearer idea of why you may want to do this yourself.


Getting a precious metals IRA and investing in gold for retirement, further explained on this website, appears to be quite beneficial for numerous reasons. First off, gold is known for being extremely valuable throughout history, and we can expect such a trend to continue in the future as well. Investing in such a valuable asset is certainly a great idea, and especially so since gold is known not only for being valuable, but also for holding said value in any kinds of circumstances.

What does that mean precisely? Well, the market can experience a lot of changes and be rather unstable at one point or another, but the good thing is that gold will remain stable despite all the turmoil. Even when every asset is feeling the wrath of inflation, this precious metal won’t be affected by it. Instead of flopping during inflation, as most other assets behave that way, gold will actually increase in value, meaning it is the perfect asset for protecting your portfolio and hedging your wealth against inflation.

Diversifying your portfolio is, clearly, rather smart. Yet, you need to know which assets to diversify with to get the best results, and gold is certainly among those, thanks not only to its stability but also to its liquidity. Trapping your money in assets you won’t be able to sell in the future is definitely not the right idea, and that is something you won’t have to worry about with gold. Given its liquidity, you’ll basically be able to turn the asset into money at any point you decide to do so, which is another amazing reason why you should invest in it.

gold dealer

How to Choose a Dealer?

Understanding the benefits of investing in this asset will lead you towards wondering how to actually choose the right dealer for you. A few simple online searches will get you to understand one thing. There are certainly quite a lot of dealers that will be ready to sell you their precious metals and provide you with these particular services.

Choosing randomly among one of those is, naturally, not what you should do. If considering the Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve, for example, what you should do is research the company in detail, read a full review or two and basically take some important steps towards finding out how they operate before deciding whether to work with them. The same goes for any other firm, and perhaps you would benefit from getting some tips on how to find and select the right precious metals dealer for you – tips you’ll find below.

1) Get Recommendations

Getting recommendations from the people who have already invested in gold through their IRAs should be one of the first steps in finding these dealers. Sure, you’ll get to find quite a few of them online, but getting those recommendations could perhaps help you narrow down your choices. Doing further research on the companies you’ll find this way will undeniably be necessary, but the point is that it will be easier to research 5 or 6 companies in detail than a few dozen of them. So, apart from searching online, getting suggestions from other people can help as well.

2) Read Reviews

Reviews are the biggest researching tool you can and should use here, and I’ve already mentioned that above. By finding comprehensive and detailed reviews about the firms you’re considering, you’ll get to find out not only whether they are legitimate or not, but also how they operate and how great their services really are. Unfortunately, there are scams out there that you should be wary of, and the reviews I’m mentioning will help you avoid those quite easily, as they will be objective and clear about the intentions of specific dealers and about the quality of their services and metals.

3) Check the Services Offered

Speaking of their services, quality is not the only thing to check. Of course, it is the main thing, but there’s something else to remember as well. Basically, some of the dealers will only offer you the option of buying precious metals with them, and then using those to save for retirement (additional info), while others may also offer help with setting up your IRA, funding it, as well as doing a rollover if necessary. Deciding what you need and then checking which companies can offer you those specific services will result in you getting a clearer idea as to which ones you may want to work with and which ones you may want to eliminate from the list.

4) Compare the Fees

Obviously, all of these dealers will be offering the services we’ve talked about at certain fees, and those will differ from one company to another, at least to a slight extent. Checking the fees before entering into any agreements and cooperation processes, and then comparing those fees, will help you select the most reasonable solution for you. Beware of prices that are too low, as those could be a part of a scamming plan of sorts, since people are usually quite tempted by extremely low costs, making them an easy target. Nevertheless, don’t agree on paying just any price either, because there’s no need for you to get ripped off when you can find a completely reasonable solution.