In 2017, the U.S. government that reported that the number of Indian students attending U.S. universities increased by a record 12%. Even more impressively, Indians are among the top-performing international students at colleges across the states, which means that their career and job opportunities are exceptionally promising. Plus, it’s great networking experience: studying and collaborating with professionals in the US is often how talented Indian students launch their careers, whether you choose to work in India or internationally.

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Funding & Logistics

Apart from admissions, finance and tuition fees are among the biggest sources of concern for Indian students looking to go to college in the States. Thankfully, most American universities give you time after receiving your acceptance letters to decide on a school, so that you can sort out which university’s funding package works best. To offset the cost of tuition, many students take out private loans to cover the cost. Once you graduate from uni, you may be able to refinance loans for a lower monthly payment. This is a good option if you are take out loans from American lender services.

Acing The “College Essay”

American admissions are very interested in getting to know you as a person: this includes your work experiences, hobbies, leadership roles, and anything that makes you stand out as a promising student in a pile of many applicants. The American personal statement for college admissions  (known as the “College Essay”) is the point in your application where you can showcase your strengths as a human. The essay does not need to be a recitation of your CV or grades; rather, it’s often best to focus on one or two experiences that speak to your strength as a person.

Visa Matters

Fortunately, once you’ve accepted your place at an American university, the process for obtaining a U.S. student visa as an Indian citizen is fairly straightforward. You will need to schedule a visa interview appointment, usually at least 3 months before your scheduled departure time. You should dress nicely and be precise with your answers, whether in person or via paperwork. If you’re struggling with the process, most American universities have an International Students office (or an office for International admissions) that can help get you on track.

America is a diverse country with academic programs to suit practically every interest. As an Indian international student in the states, your career opportunities will increase tremendously by taking your studies to a global context.