I am a proud Barodia and study in PUNE, I am doing my master’s at MIT and I miss being in Baroda. I’ve always been waiting for my vacation time so that I can get back to my home town Vadodara and spend quality time with my family and friends & hang out with them. Though Pune has a lot many places to hang out but nothing can replace chilling with my friends at a small cafe in Vadodara. So today I would like to express all Barodians’ excitement when they are heading back to this beautiful sanskari city.

The best feeling to travel from other states and get back to your own state is when Vodafone pops up with the message “Vodafone Gujarat mein aapka swagat hai” and further details. That is the feeling the individual comes across of getting back to the city where you have always been living up to the most memorable times. It further continues when the train takes it to a halt at various junctions of Gujarat like Valsad, Surat, and much more tempting us to grab a samosa or Vada Pav plate from the vendor.

Finally, my junction arrives written in a bold black font with yellow background “VADODARA JUNCTION” and satisfied to finish the journey and move towards the auto-rickshaw stand when luckily my train stop’s at platform number 1. And the autowala asks “kya javu che tamare” and I sit in the auto to reach a corner of the city and travel the whole town where automatically flashback runs in my subconscious mind recalling the old moments and that feeling to deal with them when coming from a city of the minority to majority in language.

Vadodara railway division ranked cleanest in India

“This is why I love coming back to VADODARA”

Finally reaching up home and next day very excited to go “JAGDISH FARSAN” and pick up favorite farshan in the breakfast of khamaan, idla, sev khamani and how we miss the famous Bharkarvadi man!! Filling up my dining table with all these standards but still, the favorite at all times brings back the most wonderful start to my morning. But to give worth to all these dishes how can one miss a morning walk to the most heavenly place of the city “KAMATIBAUGH” with its serene beauty of nature along with beautiful birds and animals on its walking track? This place has so much to see and still, one always runs out of time to finish it.

This is why I love the morning of VADODARA

Of course wherever you go one will definitely get tired of eating various cuisines and will for sure miss Gujarati Thali and the only best place that comes to my mind is “MANDAP” in Express where you enjoy the unlimited thali with varied Gujarati dishes, right from the starters till the desserts. That moment of enjoying undhiyu-puri, fafada-jalebi,kesar no raas, khichdi-khadi,chaas, and the list goes on, makes it so difficult to even move a space and feels like wish they give complementary services to carry us and directly drop to our bed 😉

This is why I love the varied variety of dishes in VADODARA

Why would a gujju ever think to skip a meal even after an overeating lunch? So, I start my activa and call up my friends to hog around the places to finish my checklist towards the street eateries of the city like famous “RAJASTHAN ki panipuri”, “MAHAKALI ka sev usal” and many more small larries on my way and uggh!! I am so much done with testing my appetite so, a mandatory drink after much of spicy and tasty items I definitely have to stop my active at “MARUTINANDAN SODA SHOP” on O.P road to balance my stomach.

mahakali sevusal vadodara

This is why I enjoy eating at these small places in VADODARA

Late nights are obviously going to be a gathering of family and friends who are eagerly waiting to see you and it continues with bhajias and teen patti that continues almost the whole night, especially on weekends. So, the hunger game arrives again, and the only place to catch with is “RATRI BAZAAR” which stays open till late at night, and of course the famous chai near the railway station.

vadodara is second safest city in india

This why I love the never-ending love for food in VADODARA

This place is called “sanskari nagari” because it makes everyone feel so warm welcoming and loving, where you find any unknown person lost, ten of them will rush to help him and make him feel comfortable at whatever time. And the city is very small but well-planned and a peaceful place to settle alone or with a family.

Admit it we love Vadodara and are addicted to this beautiful city!