“We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone”

Here’s a story of girl who inspired us, Siddhi Kabra, a professional at a reputed MNC in Vadodara

She narrates, ‘Life can be pretty demanding sometime, even after being prepared for the toughest wars, lack of guards or sharp sword can affect your performance.

‘Am I being too dramatic? No right?
So..it was a matter of worry when I was in desperate need of a laptop during my engineering college days. After waiting for few weeks, somehow my father managed to get it for me and I was able to continue my studies without being dependent on friends. And I have been using it diligently till now. It’s now after earning on my own I could buy another one. But I don‘t wish to discard or sell the old one. It’s still in good working condition. I would like to pass it on to somebody who is going through the same situation and cannot afford it. The feeling of helplessness really takes over you at times.. I don’t want students to go through the same.

And I would like to request people who are planning to discard their laptops – Please let’s help others, education is everyone’s right. This will be a step towards making our country a developed nation, by being a tech savvy generation.”

Gift Your Old Computer And Enable The Future, Join Vadodara Causes and Siddhi's Teach A Kid Campaign

Siddhi’s words were really inspiring and gave us the idea of starting a campaign for kids who are willing to educate themselves. There are hundreds of kids who are really efficient and the only problem they face is ‘money’ despite having those creative thoughts and brains, they’re not able to implement just because of the lack of resources. We believe they should be given fair chance too.

Let’s not sell or discard our old computers.
Let’s gift them.

Here is what you can do:
1. Check if you have a laptop/desktop not in use. Get an engineer and see if it can work after a repair.
2. Tag friends in your network who might have one.
3. Tell us if you know a kid(student) who really needs a laptop.

4) Drop down a message to Vadodara Causes Fb Page