We all have had a very tough time this year dealing with some crazy scenes but to end the year on a very positive side we have got some sexy news for you all.Why don’t we all party together at a bar in Mumbai where we can get beer for ₹2 and Black Label for ₹49. Doesn’t this sound cheap and dirty at the same time. But yes this is seriously happening and we know you don’t want to miss out on this awesome bar in Mumbai.

Mr. Baozi bar and restaurant mumbai juhu

Mr. Baozi is a awesome bar & restaurant in Lower Parel, Mumbai. They have also recently setup a shop in Juhu and are celebrating by selling Johnny Walker Black Label drinks at ₹49 each and pints of Kingfisher at ₹2.

Mr. Baozi bar and restaurant mumbai

This sexy offer will be available only from 4t – 8th December. so hurry up and don’t miss this awesome change to get drunk at the price of peanuts.