Why would one break into his own home to steal something? There must be some really valid and logical reason for doing so but not for this man from Florida. He had some weird reason to break into in own house, to steal hookah from his roommate.

A 19-year-old man from Florida, USA was arrested after he broke into a room inside his own home to steal a hookah from his roommate, the Lee County Sheriff’s office said. Tyler Wesley was taken into custody by the police after his roommate, Monica, dialed 911 to report him in Fort Myers city. The CCTV camera footage released by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) from inside Monica’s room shows Tyler attempting to cover the CCTV camera with a piece of cloth before mistakenly dropping it and running from Monica’s room.

This incident happened at Tyler’s parents’ home on Nature Pointe Loop in rural Fort Myers. His parents invited Monica to stay with them. “She is the sister of one of my ex-friends,” said Wesley’s mother, Amy Pacheco. “She paid rent for like two months and then just stopped.”

“She makes life like living hades,” the 19-year-old boy’s mother said.

Monica complained to the deputies that Tyler stole a brand new Hookah from her room.  When asked the house owner, Wesley’s parents said that they have never seen hookah in her house before, not even to this very day. “For all I know, she could have it herself,” she told NBC. “They haven’t found a hookah or anything else when they went through the house.”

After paying rent for two months Monica stopped paying the rent and there was tension between them. The parents want to formally evict Monica from their house. They said that it’s more than just about paying rent. They informed the deputy that a four-foot-tall speaker in their son’s Tyler closet behind the bedroom door suddenly went missing. And according to them, Monica is behind the disappearance of the speaker.

However, as long as Monica is still in the home, Tyler Wesley is not allowed to live there as he faces charges of burglary and grand theft.