Ever thought you’re getting a VIP experience while boarding a plane when a flight attendant greets you with a big smile? Sorry to break your bubble but no, they aren’t hitting on you when they say ‘hello’ with such politeness! In fact, they are ‘bound’ to do so. And here’s the real reason for that revealed by a flight attendant herself.

Here's why flight attendants greet boarding passengers and it's not just about being polite

More than being polite and welcoming you on the flight, there are some more serious reasons why a friendly member of the cabin crew greets every individual stepping onto the plane. A flight attendant, who is also a TikTok content creator made this shocking revelation on the social media platform.

Rania is a flight attendant with Wizz Air, a Hungarian budget carrier that flies across Europe. She regularly uploads TikTok videos revolving around cabin crew life and some great flight hacks. Recently, Rania took to the platform to reveal the real reason why this polite gesture of flight attendants is actually a safety protocol. She posted a curious clip explaining why the cabin crew is bound to say ‘hello’ to every passenger boarding the plane.

Flight attendant tells passengers real reason cabin crew say hello to you as you board

In the video, Rania asked a mystery question to the viewers writing, “Did you know that your flight attendant greets you not only out of politeness but also…” The next clip after a few seconds continued the statement as, “…to check whether you are too drunk or sick to fly.”

Flight crew explain reason they greet you on plane and it is not just polite

This is true. Flight attendants are required to be extremely alert and vigilant besides being friendly and approachable. They greet each passenger individually to figure out whether someone is tipsy or suspicious. That’s because even one drunk person on board can create havoc for everyone and can even be risky. Hence the welcoming custom is actually for analysing every passenger’s motives!

Flight attendant explains reason they greet you on plane and it's not just to be polite

Besides, they even look for ABPs to offer help in case of emergencies. These are able-bodied persons such as doctors, pilots, military personnel, firefighters, nurses, cops, etc. who can be of help during any emergency. The flight attendant went on to reveal that in the case of any medical emergency or security breach, the cabin crew should know who on the plane can help which is why they interact with people when they first step on.