Facts About The Moon :  Well, Everyone knows that the Moon is the natural satellite of Earth and the reason why we have night time in 24 hours of the day. There are several myths and superstitions that bind the waxing and waning of the moon. It is said that astronauts have left tons of trash on the Moon while experimenting. There are many myths and folklore related to the Moon from various cultures.

50+ Unbelievable Facts About The Moon You Need To Know

facts about the moon

Everyone has heard lot of things about the Moon, so lets not waste any time and dive in directly to know some interesting facts about the Moon. We are sure you will be surprised after knowing this facts.

  • Moon is estimated to be the future graveyard
  • Moon has extreme temperatures that range from 200 Fahrenheit to 400 Fahrenheit
  • Since the middle ages many scientists as well as the philosophers believed that the full moon causes seizures in lunatics
  • Each year the Moon is moving away from Earth
  • The blood Moon is a phenomena when Earth casts a red-colored shadow on the Moon during the Lunar eclipse
  • The shadows on the moon appear darker than what you see on the Earth
  • There are quakes and seismic vibrations on the moon too
  • The moon has its own time zone where each day equates to a month on Earth and 12 days complete the year on the moon
  • The moon does not have a darker side as mentioned in the movies or the fiction novels
  • Moon has low gravity due to which the moon dust gets stuck to every that the astronaut carries and is hazardous to human health
  • Moon has mountains as tall as 4700 meters which have been created due to the impact of asteroids
  • The footprints on the moon left by astronauts are still intact as there is no wind on the moon’s atmosphere
  • There are various theories about how moon was created
  • The lunar craters are named after people who have achieved great things in life
  • A Outer Space Treaty is signed for the moon so that is will not be used by any country for military purpose and wars
  • Moon is related to fertility and many women ovulate during certain phases of the moon
  • The moon takes 27.5 days to orbit around the Earth
  • The weight of the human body is 17% lesser on the surface of the moon
  • Though the moon appears bright, it is actually dark
  • The Moon Buggies are Lunar vehicles designed by Boeing to drive around on the surface of the moon
  • There is a possibility of small amount of water on the moon
  • Earth experiences tides because of the pull of the moon
  • You could get a higher internet speed on the moon
  • The moon is in the shape of an egg
  • A British astronomer named Thomas Harriot drew the first map of the moon
  • A total of 5 flags were planted on the moon during exploration
  • Buzz Aldrin was the first human who peed on the moon
  • There are orange rocks and soil on the surface of the moon which was formed due to the presence of a fire mountain
  • The moon has the largest craters formed on its surface in the entire solar system. Each crater is as long as 2500 kms
  • The surface of the moon has not been walked since 1972
  • The moon does not orbit Earth in perfect circles
  • It takes 708 hours from sunrise to sunset within a day of the moon
  • There are many mini moons orbiting Earth
  • On the south pole of the moon in its deepest craters, ice has been found
  • In the year 1835, there were publications in the New York newspapers about the existence of the alien life on the moon
  • The moon is 4 times smaller than the Earth
  • A total eclipse is a rare phenomena which happens only once in a few hundred years
  • Leonardo Da Vinci created a map of the moon in the year 1505
  • The moon faces the Earth with the same side every day
  • Only 59% of the moon is visible from the Earth
  • The moon has brighter and darker terrains
  • A moon does not have a magnetic field and that is a reason a compass cannot work on the surface of the moon
  • Apollo 11 took 4 days and six hours to land on the moon from the atmosphere
  • A few rocks that are found on the earth are also found on the moon
  • Alan Shepard played golf on the moon
  • The moon has Wi-Fi and it is faster than what you would experience on the Earth

Conclusion on Facts about the Moon

We hope you liked our collection of facts about the Moon on our site. We will be sharing more facts and statistics about other planets on our site. Let us know if you know more about the Moon, We will add it in this post.