Sometimes it’s easy to forget, but fashion is art! The choices you make in what you wear paint a picture of the person you are – you’re both the blank canvas and the artist. It’s the perfect situation!

Express Yourself With These Top Three Fashion Accessories

So, how can you customize your wardrobe to fully express yourself when you’re out in daily life? Don’t worry; we’re not going to suggest you splash the cash on a personal shopper. There’s a much cheaper and easier way – it’s all in the accessories. Read on to find out more.

1) Phone Cases

Let’s be honest; you never leave the house without your phone. It’s just as important as your keys these days. So, why keep it bland and boring in the plain case it came in?

While we’re worlds away from the days of phone socks, customizing your cell phone is still very much the in thing. The best part? You can change it up whenever you want. It’s a low-risk, high-reward purchase. Whether it be celebrating your favorite band or film or simply that you found the perfect design for you, there are literally thousands of options out there. Looking for a place to get started? Find the perfect iphone 12 pro max case here!

2) Tote Bags

We genuinely believe that with a tote bag on your shoulder, you are unstoppable. The tote bag offers versatility like no other bag – or, indeed, accessory. And the world has gone mad for them! They range in price, design, size, and just about any variable you can think of. Buy them in supermarkets, fancy shops, supermarket stalls, online – wherever.

The options are endless. But here’s the best part: so are the designs. With the rise of climate-conscious consumers, the tote offers both fashion and practicality. It’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll find a tote with a design you love.

3) Embroidered Patches

This option might be the most customizable of all. A huge staple in the 90s fashion trends, the world is seeing a resurgence of embroidered patches. On backpacks, on jackets, on jeans – nowhere is safe from the patch. And we love it!

Whether to actually fix a hole in your clothing or simply to express yourself with designs you love, the embroidered patch offers the chance to share who you are without even opening your mouth. It might be to celebrate a cause or favorite band you love – perhaps even something you designed yourself. It really doesn’t matter; just get patching!

Tell the World Who You Are!

Showing the world who you are is at the heart of all fashion – even the pieces you think are just for practicality. There’s not much in the fashion world that you can’t customize, so what’s stopping you?

Get out there and go shopping! Find the items you love and walk around in them like the masterpiece you are. After all, there’s no hiding how much better it feels to wear something you love.