It is always a dream for everyone to buy Expensive Cars and for that you have to wait for years to buy them as they are very costly and the maintenance rate is pretty high. Today we are going to tell you who owns the most expensive cars in India.

Here are 10 Most Expensive Cars Owned by Indian Citizens

1) Sharukh Khan

shahrukh khan expensive cars collection

Everyone knows that Shahrukh Khan has a big collection on Expensive cars and he is a big fan of BMW cars and has 4 BMW parked in his garage. Also Shahrukh Khan owns the most costliest car in India that is Bugatti Veyron. The king of Bollywood not only has this classic car buy also owns cars like Rolls Royce and more.

The price of Bugatti Veyron owned by Shahrukh Khan is 12 Crore INR approx.

2) Aamir khan

aamir khan car collection

Mr Perfectionist is a big fan of expensive cars. He owns many luxurious cars and drives them on the streets of Mumbai. He owns a Bulletproof Mercedes Benz S60 which costs 10 Crores INR. Well that is pretty costly.

He also owns BMW 6 and many other cars.

3) Mukesh Ambani

mukesh ambani car collection

Mukesh Ambani is the richest person in India and it is expected that he will have a huge collection of expensive and luxurious foreign cars in his parking space. His parking space can accomodate more than 200 cars at a time. He has a hug collection of 168 vehicles of which Maybac 62 is the most expensive cars of all. The Maybach 62 costs a whooping 62 Crores approximately.

He owns all the top brands of expensive cars like BMW, AUDI, Mercedes, Rolls Royce and more.

4) Gautam Singhania (Chairman & MD, Raymond Group)

Gautam Singhania expensive cars collection

Mr. Singhania has crazy about fast and expensive cars. From Nissan Skyline GT-R to BMW M3 CSL, He owns it all and has a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus Elises, Ariel Atoms and many more. The costliest car that he owns is Ferrari 458.

The price of his Ferrari 458 is Rs 4 crore (approximately)

5) Adar Poonawalla (CEO, SERUM Institute of India)

It is known by everyone that the Poonawalla family is worth a few billion dollars and that is too much money. The family lives in the plush Koregaon Park in Puna and has an interest in multiple businesses from hospitality to saving serums and horses. The Poonawalla family is very passionate about expensive cars and they own a lot of imported cars and the costliEst one is the Bentley Continental GT which costs around Rs 4.5 Crores INR.

6) Ratan Tata

Well, the name Ratan Tata is enough. He lives an ultra-luxurious life and is very passionate about cars. He has an awesome collection of auto from all over the world. You name the care and he has it. The costliest car that he owns is Ferrari California which costs around Rs 3.45 Crore approx.

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7) Anil Ambani

Anil Ambani is famous for his famous Reliance company and his taste for luxurious cars. The most expensive car that Anil Ambani owns is the Lamborghini Gallardo which costs Rs 3.25 INR.

8) Amitabh Bachchan

amitabh bachchan expensive cars collection

Amit Ji is very passionate about his love for cars. He was seen unveiling DC Avanti at Auto Expo in 2012. Amitabh Bachchan owns 10 Expensive cars and the most costly one is Rolls-Royce Phantom

9) Virat Kohli

virat kohli cars collection

Virat Kohli the Indian cricket team captain owns a lot many cars. Mostly he has a huge collection of Audi ranging from Q7 to R8. The stylish right-handed batsman drives most of them in his free time. Virat Kohli also launched Audi R8 V10 plus whose starting price is 2.64 Crore INR.

10) M.S Dhoni

ms dhoni expensive cars collection

The ex Indian Cricket team captain a lot of cars and is also very passionate about sports bikes. he owns Hummer H2 that costs Rs 75 Lakhs.

Well, this was the collection of most expensive cars owned by Indians. let us know if you have any more details about people who drive imported cars on the streets of India and their names are not mentioned in the article. We will be happy to add it.