Former adult film star Lana Rhoades was the most searched actress on P*rnhub in 2019. But today she says, “I wish I could go back and get all my old videos deleted”. She has some shocking revelations and regrets about being a part of the adult industry.

Lana Rhoades recently appeared for an interview on Harry Jowsey’s podcast ‘Tap In’ where she talked about how her past job affected her mental health and continues to traumatize her. The former actress started her adult film career in 2016 but left the industry soon after certain experiences. But her past still haunts her as she is not able to get all of her old obscene videos deleted from the Internet.

Ex-Adult Film Star Lana Rhoades Wants All Her Videos Deleted

Rhoades opened up on the podcast about her regrets saying, “If I could go back, I would give up everything to have my dignity and respect back.” She even went on to discuss her experience of shooting explicit videos and revealed some worst things she had to do as a adult star. “I can’t accept some of the things that I’ve done,” she said, expressing her pain. Being a part of the adult film industry has taken a toll on her mental health and she struggles to accept herself as she can’t get over the disgusting and foul experiences she had. She is grappling with her self-respect and is still in denial about some of the worst things that happened to her.

As an outspoken critic of the industry, Rhoades openly pleaded how she wants to get all her videos deleted permanently by now but she doesn’t have the rights. Those scenes have a lasting impact on her as she says, “(I want) people not to be able to see me in that way.” Although Lana was the number one adult star, she revealed that she was paid a meager amount for doing adult scenes.

Now that Lana Rhoades has quit the industry, she warns the young girls saying that they might get infatuated by the industry thinking it is very glamorous but that isn’t the reality. It, in fact, is downright disrespectful and mentally harassing besides not being well-paying.