On 15th July 2016, Electronic Mail which is popularly known as E-mail will turn 33 and we all know very little about, All we know is how to send and receive an E-mail. Did you know E-mail was invented by VA Shiva Ayyadurai a 14-year-old boy of Indian origin who lived in America?

Just because of VA Shiva Ayyadurai we are able to communicate very quickly with people around the world very easily.

He developed this amazing system when kids of his age were making their way up to school grades. This system was a huge success which had functions like Inbox, outbox, Address Book, folders and etc.

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In spite of discovering such an amazing system, Internet has forgotten him. Let’s thank the ‘Father of Email’ and honor him for introducing E-mail which has become a very important part of our daily life.

Also, Sabeer Bhatia is an Indian entrepreneur who founded the webmail company Hotmail which is one of the most famous and popular mail service providers in the world