Are you also a meme lover? Every social media person is well known for Memes. Memes are the language of the internet, which are entertaining us for over 20 years. New means are coming every single day, is not a single topic untouched with Memes. Do you know what are drip Memes? you must have seen drip memes while scrolling on the internet. If not, then Don’t worry. we will help you. Talking about the word Drip, It is a slang word that is generally used to praise or appreciate something. like the popular word swag, it originated through hip-hop culture and started gaining popularity. thus, memers started working on drip memes. Hip Hop started to use the word “Drip” in the mid-1990s for the early 2000s. There is a lot of controversy around who used them first.

50+ Funny Drip Memes That Will Make You Laugh

let’s check out the funniest memes.

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Respect The Drip Karen

Respect the drip karen, is a popular TikTok video king of person who says that they are working on a new uniform but their stepmother will never allow them to wear this uniform. Then they show their clothes by saying “Respect the drip, karen” In the year 2019 the original audio of the video was then used in other TikTok videos that showcase a strange outfit.

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Goku Drip

Goku Drip is a fanart series that depicts the characters of Dragon Ball in which the character Goku has wore a shirt and a jacket with  “By Any Means Necessary” printed. @MacheteBlack, a Twitter user posted this which got 3700 retweets and 1500 likes.

There are many more famous drip memes on the internet. We have also collected some hilarious drip Drip memes just for you. I hope you will love all these memes. Just scroll down and find your favorite meme, share them with all your friends and relatives.

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