If you are among those people who love your job, you will still prefer not to be reminded of it during your getaway time. It can be annoying to be spending time with your family and then have your phone frequently buzzing with work emails, messages, and notifications. To take note of this issue, an Indian company has started a policy that facilitates its employees to make the utmost use of their holidays without any disturbances. But, those who regularly interrupt their colleagues at the time they are on leave may be fined for doing so.

Dream11, which is a fantasy sports company, has inserted a new policy named Dream11 Unplug, which facilitates employees to separate their ways from work completely and have a good leisure time in their holidays without being interrupted by work emails, messages, calls, or for that matter even their colleagues. The policy facilitates employees to grab a week-long break from work and keep all their attention on relaxation and having an excellent getaway time.

As per the Dream11 “Dream 11 Unplug” policy, it needs its employees to disconnect from all communication platforms, such as Slack, emails, and WhatsApp groups, while on holiday. The company began on LinkedIn that this policy is implemented to make sure that employees can completely disconnect and take a good time off without being bothered by any person from their work ecosystem. Dream11 stresses the significance of having quality time with loved ones or having time on vacation in elevating mood, quality of life, and productivity.

As per the report from CNBC, the founders of the company, namely Harsh Jain and Bhavit Seth, have declared that any employee who gets in touch with another employee when on “UNPLUG” time will be fined a hefty amount of INR 1 lakh. All employees at the company are eligible to Unplug time, irrespective of their position, date of hire, or other factors. The founders revealed that this policy was started to make sure that the company does not becomes dependent on any single employee.

As per the reports, the company’s newly implemented policy is taken very well by employees. “Being able to disconnect from all company systems and groups for a week is an amazing perk. It allows us to escape work calls, emails, messages, and even WhatsApp for seven days. This helps us have some quality time to do things we enjoy. For me, it means going to the mountains. I don’t feel guilty about not having a strong network connection during this time. It’s a unique way to unplug and recharge. Taking this disconnected time also helps us feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready to give our best performance when we return,” according to an employee in per CNBC report.