Can you imagine a dog taking a bus that to on regular interval just to reach to her favourite park so that she can enjoy her life without taking care of anyone else? Yes, this is a true story of a dog named Eclipse.

Living in Seattle, Eclipse is a dog of black Labrador breed and is also a Mastiff mix which regularly takes a bus to travel to her destination. The good thing and most amazing part of this story is she knows that where the bus stops and what place she needs to get down.

dog travels to park everyday

You must be wondering that how this all happened right? So, this is how the story goes:

One day Eclipse was enjoying her regular day with her owner and at that time her owner was enjoying his cigarette which was taking too long to end. After few minutes, a bus arrived at the bus stop and Eclipse without her owner Jeff Young stepped inside the bus and got off to the place from where she can reach to the park where she used to go with her owner.

dog travels to park everyday in bus alone

Now this happened for few days and eventually Eclipse ended up enjoying the bus ride so much that she started taking the ride daily and she is very punctual. Till now she has never missed a single trip to the park and waits for the bus on time.

Dog Takes A Bus Ride All Alone Every Single Day, Just To Go To The Park

From this amazing story, we people can definitely realize that if we really want to enjoy our life, all we need is courage, and we should be financially strong. We do not need a travel partner to explore the world or do what we like.

Dog Takes A Bus Ride All Alone Every Single Day, Just To Go To The Park

These stories are made when people or even animals don’t get serious and decides to live and enjoy on their own. Hats off to Eclipse and we hope that she keeps on enjoying her life to the fullest.