50+ Hilarious Disgusted Memes You Should Totally Check Out


New research explains why people laugh at vulgar comedy, even when it includes death or moral taboos like bestiality. According to the study, disgusted memes can be seen as amusing if they appear benign as if they aren’t hurting anyone or anything.

Funniest Disgusted Memes You Should Totally Check Out

Humor has long been explored by scientists, philosophers, and, of course, comedians, but various earlier hypotheses aiming to explain mood have failed.

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1) What do you receive when you blend beans and onions?

A: Tear gas.

2) What happened to Captain Hook after he died?

He used the wrong hand to clean his bum!

3) Did you hear what the blonde who was about to establish a new bar said to her lawyer when he told her she required a liquor license?

Oh, no, that’s not going to happen. That is abhorrent!

4) A nice respectable lady with a savory perfume scent boarded the bus and sat next to me.

After a few moments, I dared to query her: “Please forgive me, lady, but may I ask what this perfume’s name is and where you got it? I’d like to get one for my wife.”

The lady said, “It’s Chanel, and it’s from Paris.”

After about 10 minutes, I felt a mighty wind in my stomach, so I got up. And replied, ” it was garlic chili from D.C cafe, California.”

5) Did you hear about the new movie called “Constipation?”

A: It hasn’t appeared yet.

6) Little Lilly is inquired to utilize the word ‘absolutely’ in a declaration by his educator.

“Teacher, do farts have lumps in them?” Little Lilly y concedes.

“Of course not, Lilly,” says the Teacher, to which Lilly responds, “Then I’ve shit my pants then…”

7) A call reaches in from the farmer’s son.

“I drove over a pig, and it’s still active under the tractor,” says the narrator.

The farmer says, “Shoot it and lay to rest it.” “He gets another call about 20 minutes later…”

“What should I do with his speed camera and motorcycle now that it’s out of the way?”

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