10 Different Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd of every year since 1970. Earth Day is a global event and 192 countries celebrate this special day with joy and enthusiasm. It is very great if people can spare some time for the mother Earth so that the nature gets better with time. In this article we will guide you on different ways to celebrate Earth Day and what you can do for betterment of Earth.

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Lets Celebrate Earth Day

It is a fact that we require this planet than the planet requires us. Lets plant as many trees we can and get rid of fossil fuels and make Earth 100% renewable. It is very important to become a part of global campaign and educate people about factors responsible for environment degradation. We can start doing better thing for earth from today itself and make it a better place as we are the only one who will live here to years to come.

Do you Celebrate Earth Day ?

It is very important to love the place you live at and Earth Day is the time when we should thank God for giving us life on such precious planet. Celebrating Earth Day is bigger than attending a rally and taking a stand. Celebrating this day does not mean you have to party with friends or go out on a dinner, You can plant couple of trees and also tell your friends and family member to do the same thing. Also you can make a meal from local grown vegetables from your garden aren and share it with your friends and neighbours and encourage them to grow vegetables in their garden area.

Every day is Earth Day

10 Different Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

1) If you travel everyday by Car or bike, Then for one day you can choose to walk to the place you want to or you can also try using cycle or any other electric vehicle. By doing this for one day, We are sure you will be able to contribute to the nature. It is high time we consider this options or the Mother Earth will soon have no life on it as so much cars and bike on road harm the atmosphere every minute and second.

2) You can learn more about environment : Earth Day is a great time to learn something about it and how the atmosphere functions and how you can protect it. You can read articles about issues affecting Earth in daily life such as water shortage, climate change, pollution or even you can study about places you have never studied like the deserts, rain forest, Arctic.

Read such articles related to environment issue on local news or websites that publish content on such topics. You can understand how climate change works and what are the factors that affect the environment. Also if you live in city then you can try understanding contaminated drinking water and energy conservation issues. Study about which species and animals are on the verge of extension.

3) Volunteer your time to organizations : Their will be many groups and organizations that focus on improving environment of the city. Join them and also encourage your friends to work with you. Giving some time to Mother Earth is not going to affect your daily schedule. In fact if the environment becomes better, your life will be better and you only will get fresh oxygen.

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4) Educate People about Earth Day : It is very important to let people know the importance of Earth and Environment. People have started taking Earth and Environment for granted, It is high time to get rid of pollution or else soon the world will be destroyed due to climate change.

5) Help kids understand the importance environment and nature : It is very important to let kids know the importance of Earth Day as if at a small age they know how environment behaves and what impact will it have if people don’t follow the rules and regulations of nature. By the time kids grow up they will not see any trees but will find pollution all around them.

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6) Grow your own Garden : Well, everyone has some small place in their backyard. You can grow some plants and water them regularly. By doing this you will see find warmness in the weather around you.

7) Attend Earth Day Fair : It is important to attend such fairs and gatherings as you will understand the importance of nature and environment. You will be more aware about what you have been doing wrong with nature since a long time. In such fairs you will get to see different things like.

  • Demonstrations of environmentally-friendly products
  • Healthy/locally grown foods to eat
  • Animal care demonstrations
  • Ways to control pollution
  • How to recycle unwanted produces and waste material

8) Stop drinking bottled water : Yes you heard us right, Plastic is one dangerous product which harms the environment the most. Their are a lot of alternatives to Plastic bottle, please don’t use plastic bottles.

9) Spread the word : If you are doing something good to the nature, then don’t just stop, Tell your friends and family to join in with you. The more people knows about it, The more people will join you.

10) Don’t just keep it to Earth Day : If you do such things for one day it will create a difference, But imagine how much difference it will make if you continue to do such good work for the environment.

We hope you liked the tips about Different Ways to Celebrate Earth Day. Kindly share it with friends and family so that you can make them aware about keeping our environment safe. If we have missed any points or you want to add few tips then kindly comment below.

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