Since the start of the pandemic, India has been struggling against Covid but The Strength and Valour of our country has been the key in these testing times. India has also been a forerunner in helping other countries amidst the entire pandemic duration.

The second wave however has taken a hit on India with lakhs of cases daily. Sadly, in these times where Unity and Positivity are the most important factors, many of us are busy criticizing Central Government and Prime Minister Modi without checking on the true and unbiased facts.

What has Modi Done?

Did The Modi Govt. Really Didn't Take Any Steps in Dealing With The Pandemic
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What was BJP doing for one entire year except for Rallies and Kumbh?


Here are some of the key points which helped India’s survival:

Oxygen: The main point of debate is the shortage of oxygen. Well, 162 Oxygen Plants were sanctioned by the Centre to every state along with Funds from PM Cares.

  • Only 33 plants have been installed.
  • Delhi just installed 1 plant out of 8 being sanctioned to it. Thank You, Kejriwal.
  • West Bengal did not install a single plant. Thanks to Ego of Didi.
  • Rajasthan too did not install a single plant.

Central Government’s Efforts in last One Month

  • Procured 23 Oxygen tankers from Germany.
  • Airlifted hundreds of tankers from Singapore, UAE, and Australia.
  • Started Running Oxygen Express with Green Corridor for hassle-free oxygen supply all over India
  • Currently installing 262 Plants in states with more than 50 already installed.
  • Diplomatic Ties and Relations of Modi with the world helped India get various help from Japan, Russia, UAE, USA, etc.
  • Pressurized the USA to get raw materials for vaccines banned by them.
  • Cities like Vadodara have been model cities in terms of pre covid planning by OSD Vinod Rao appointed by BJP.
  • Thousands of Beds have been installed in almost every City.
  • All BJP states will be giving free vaccines to their citizens.
  • 5 KG of grains will be provided to 80 crore people living below poverty for the next 2 months – at INR 26,000 Crores cost.
  • Procured 1000s of ventilators from all over the world.
  • Convinced top CEOs and billionaires to contribute in various ways – setting up hospitals, funding, sponsoring ventilators, etc.
  • Employing doctors and nurses on an immediate basis to help overburden.

International missionaries are always ready in maligning the image of India when given a chance. They will tell you the number of cases. But won’t tell you the recovery rate and fatality rate. The recovery rate of India stands 89-90%. The death rate stands at 1.2% which is the lowest.

You can’t compare cases and deaths of a country like Australia with a population of 2.5 Crore to Our 135 Crore.

Citizens equally responsible

  • We keep criticizing the government for election Rally without proper knowledge. Election-related decisions are under the authority of the election commission and not BJP or any other party.
  • We also criticized Kumbh Mela. Every participant of Kumbh had to do a compulsory RTPCR test at the time of returning to the home state. So, no question of spreading.
  • While it has been reported that during last one year 1000s of the wedding took place.
  • Holiday destinations like Goa, Himachal, and Kashmir witnessed lakhs of tourists.
  • Many of the citizens keep flouting covid norms and curfew restrictions.
  • Mask is not worn properly and no social distancing is witnessed.

How come Maharashtra, Delhi, and Rajasthan reported the highest cases without a single election rally or Kumbh Mela? Point to ponder.

We don’t say the government is not at the fault. But what did we as citizens do? What did the opposition contribute? The government is surely giving its maximum and trying to save every citizen’s life in every way.

This is not a time of criticizing India and shaming our own country internationally. Instead, it’s time to stand by our government and PM who is witnessing the biggest challenge in Indian History. Share it and Enlighten others.