A well-designed fitted wardrobe is every organiser’s dream. It can work gorgeously in a bedroom, but more importantly, it can prove very useful if you love organising. Today, companies can develop bespoke fitted wardrobes that are fully built-in, incorporating your dressing table and bed frame. A simpler, pre-built range is also a popular option. Whatever your choice, consider the following tips for getting the right fitted wardrobe.

Design Tips for a Perfectly Fitted Wardrobe

Use sliding doors to save space

Sliding doors that do not open like hinged doors are perfect for saving floor space. Additionally, mirrored finish sliding doors do not need an added full-length design. They also reflect light, making your bedroom brighter, and giving you the best of both worlds.

Use LED lighting

LED lights can make your fitted wardrobe look luxurious, with the added benefit of functionality as they will illuminate your closet, making it easier to look for things. You can use LED closet lights behind doors, recessed ribbon lighting along the closet rod or strip lights anywhere in the closet.

Choose floor to ceiling

Floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall wardrobes offer a streamlined look. They also make cleaning more accessible because there will be no room for dust trapped in gaps.

Work with the angles

Many houses have quirks and asymmetrical walls or low ceilings. Fitted furniture provides the best solution to work with these flaws. Your designer can create seamless designs that will make these idiosyncrasies appear as part of the room. In addition, working with angles maximises the space and adds more storage.

Consider separate wardrobes

If you share a bedroom, a separate storage wardrobe will work best. Find inspiration from resources online, and you’ll be surprised to see an impressive array of ideas that suit your needs.

Go for the perfect finish

Once you’re done with the wardrobe style, the fun part is picking the colour and finish. Furniture comes in a range of designs, from timeless classics to ultra-modern. Go for materials and shades that complement the style of your room or home design.

Find inspiration

If you’ve finally decided to buy a fitted wardrobe for your bedroom, take your time to research for ideas on storage to get inspiration. Then, make a quick inventory of the items you intend to store, so you’ll know what you need. This will help determine if you need ample hanging space or if more shelving is better.

Pick an experienced company

Nothing beats years of experience designing and installing storage solutions such as a fitted wardrobe. They know that there is no one-size-fits-all furniture, and they can help design a perfectly fitted wardrobe for you.


Fitted wardrobes can instantly update your bedroom, creating a cohesive, clutter-free look. They make the most of odd spaces in your room, including tight corners that can become a usable storage area. It pays to do your homework and find out what works best for your space and storage needs before deciding on the fitted wardrobe to install.