DDLJ shooting locations in switzerland

We all know that Switzerland is a beautiful country with lots of bollywood movies shooting happening there. and you have always thought where did DDLJ shooting locations in switzerland happen,  Yash Chopra has shot many super hit movies like Silsila, Chandni and DDLJ. People are going crazy after the shooting locations and are usually found searching for that church, bridge, valley or trail shown in DDLJ on the internet forums. So her’s a little help from our side, We have a list of  few shooting locations from Switzerland which where shown in DDLJ.

DDLJ shooting locations in switzerland

1) Scene :- “What a beautiful church”

    Shot At Switzerland > Bern

Saanen church in Switzerland


This is the church where Raj and Simran visit. Raj loves simran’s innocence and prays for her saying please fulfill all her wishes because “woh bahut acchi hai”.

2) Scene :-  Missing the train

Shot At Switzerland > Bern > Obersimmental-Saanen > Zweisimmen

Missing the train in Zweisimmen switzerland ddlj


This is the place where Simran misses the train in Zweisimmen because of Raj who delays her at the platform shop while she buys cow bell, she inquires about next train to Zurich at Zweisimmen Railway Station.

3) Scene :- “Tujhe dekha toh” song

   Shot At Switzerland > Bern > Obersimmental-Saanen

"Tujhe dekha tho" song at Saanen in Switzerland


This a very beautiful place with hills around covered with green grass. “Tujhe dekha tho” song was shot at Saanen in Switzerland.

4) Scene :- “Tujhe dekha toh” song

 Shot At Switzerland > Obwalden > Lungern > Lake Lungerer Lee

Tujhe dekha tho song at Lake Lungerer Lee in Switzerland


“Tujhe dekha tho” song at Lake Lungerer Lee in Switzerland. Simran and Raj are seen fishing at this lake, the lake is named Chopra Lake as a tribute to Yash Chopra for spreading awareness about beauty of Switzerland in his super hit movies.

5) Scene :- “Tujhe dekha toh” song

     Shot At Switzerland > Bern > Obersimmental-Saanen

Tujhe dekha tho song at the Saanen bridge in Switzerland

“Tujhe dekha tho” song at the Saanen bridge in Switzerland. This is the same bridge where Raj plays guitar at the end of the tour and says palat, palat ….

6) Scene :- “Zara sa jhoomlu main” song

Shot At Switzerland > Bern > Jungfrau

Zara sa jhoomlu main song at Jungfrau, Switzerland

“Zara sa jhoomlu main” song at Jungfrau, Switzerland. Simran is seen wearing a red dress and dancing in the snow after having some alcohol when Raj sleeps.

7) Scene :- Raj apolgises to Simran

     Shot At Interlaken, Switzerland

Raj apolgises to Simran at Interlaken Switzerland ddlj

Raj apologize to simran for his behaviour last night at the hotel.

8) Scene :- “Mere khwabon mein” song

      Shot At Saanen Airport, Switzerland

Mere khwabon mein song at Saanen Airport, Switzerland

This is scene from the song Mere Khwabon Mein in ddlj when raj is shown running after the aeroplane.

Do you know any more place where DDLJ shooting was done in Switzerland then kindly let us know and kindly share this article DDLJ shooting locations in Switzerland with your friend and family so they don’t miss out this places when they visit Switzerland and also like our Facebook page for more updates

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