Remember although online shopping is easy, it comes along with its perks. Every day we hear about posts of shoppers who got things that are different from what they asked for.

We hear about consumers being frauded by an online shopping portal, and the most eminent way to stop these shoppers’ worry about a product is through product reviews. Although, reviews sometimes do not possess both possibility and logic, as it took place in this case.

A screenshot that not long ago gained complete attention online witnessed the reviewer complaining that he got a 44-inch TV. The review was labelled “false advertisement” and it read, “Purchased the Samsung 8 series TU8000 50”.

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“After unpacking I found that the 50″ purchased was 44″. How’s that! The box is only 49″ there is no way with the foam protection the TV could be 50”. See pictures and video. This is a scam,” the customer said.

The customer went all-mountain to assert that he had a comparatively smaller TV than he had placed. The reviewer also posted a picture of himself measuring the TV screen. If the screenshot is something to rely upon, 642 individuals regarded this review useful.

But this in turn gets funny when you look through and examine the circumstances. If you look at the picture of the TV measurement, you realize the buyer wasn’t frauded and had got the right-sized TV.

Customer Buys 50-Inch Samsung TV Online, Found Out It Is Only 44-Inches After Measuring

The reasoning was not there when the customer went for the task. The man measured the screen horizontally, and this is not the point where he analyzed it wrong. He had to measure the screen diagonally, as is customary. In conclusion, he was not defrauded, as he claims.

The user who uploaded the screenshot of the review tweeted, “We’re gonna go extinct. Change my mind.”

The tweet went viral and received more than 48,000 likes and over 2,000 retweets. The majority of people went on to the comment section to have their say.

“It is not common knowledge to measure a tv corner to corner. And slight oversights like this happen all the time. Even the smartest person in the world has these moments. Welcome to what is known as how people learn,” said one.

“Diagonal measurement is the only way to measure that gives an accurate measurement of total screen area regardless of the aspect ratio,” added another.

“He needs to go back and refresh grade 9 math. I wish I could teach him at that moment the Pythagoras theorem. You calculate the diagonal lol,” joked one.