The most important thing about pain is that it demands to be felt deep inside your heart. And only those people who have been addicted to friends zone will understand how difficult is being with them all the time chilling and hanging out yet not being into a relationship. You love the feeling of them being around but hate to be called as a friend . This feeling is very depressive !!

Have you ever got love struct ? yes, but you could never get into relationship and you stayed into “friends zone” . Today we have a few moments which happen to people who are into “Best Friends Zone” .

1) That lust feeling will always erupt being best friends , If you are spending all your time together .

lust on your bestfriend


2) And still after all this scenes you can’t stop yourself from meeting them

chilling with best friend


3) They say i’ll find a boyfriend to move on

story of best friends


4) Partying, Chilling, Secret Sharing & Hangouts still continue and will always.

partying with best friend

5) You can easily understand what’s going on in their mind by just looking at there face.

understanding best friend


6) That awkward feeling when his girlfriend is around you.

best friends girlfriend hates our friendship

7) And then suddenly one day that guilt feeling erupts and she will say ” we can’t be friends “

girlfriend crying in pain of heart break

8) Trying to move on !! Is it that easy ?

move on from a heart break


9) But they know at the end everything is gonna be okay 😉

best friends patch up kuch kuch hota hai

Life is full of surprises but This friendship will continue for ever and ever 🙂 Just a phone call away, Dosti forever 🙂