Halloween is one of the best times to loosen yourself up and have some crazy fun. These crazy Halloween Party ideas will make sure that your friends at the party are discussing your crazy Halloween Party for years to come.

Here Are Top 10 Crazy Halloween Party Ideas To Enjoy

Don’t Say Halloween Party Idea

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This year, make your Halloween party memorable by playing this crazy do not say Halloween Game. When your friends and peers show up at your party, hand them three wristbands. Engage them in conversations. In the first place, the rule of the game is that you are not allowed to say the word Halloween. If you speak out the word Halloween then you lose a wristband. The person with the highest number of wristbands left at the end will be the winner. The game is tougher than it looks because it is incredibly hard not to say the word Halloween at a Halloween Party.  This don’t say Halloween party idea is, by all means, one of the craziest Halloween party ideas.

Halloween Horror Movie Trivia

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Halloween is known for its spookiness. For this reason, make your Halloween party whackier and scarier by having a Halloween horror movie trivia in your party. Have some questions related to horror movies printed on Trivia cards. Thereupon, distribute the cards to the guests at your party and have them play with each other.For instance, you can have themed trivia like classic horror movie trivia or Stephen King themed Trivia.  You can not only have a reward system but you can also have a penalty system. With this in mind, you can give scary punishments to people who lose. To sum up, you can revamp the boring old trivia game and make it as crazy as you want.

Halloween themed Battle Of Balloons

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Bring the soldier out of you by playing this crazy Halloween themed battle of balloons game at your party. Battle Of Balloons is one of the most one fun and comic Halloween party ideas. Get some orange and black balloons. Blow them all and make faces on them using a marker. Tie a string to the balloons. Have the participants line up on either sides of the room. They need to face each other. In the meantime, ask them to tie the balloon to their ankles using the string. In this game, the players have to pop the balloons of other contestants using their feet. Using hands is not allowed in this party game. Once a contestant’s balloon pops, they are out of the game. The last person to have a unpopped balloon is the winner.

Halloween themed Photo Booth

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Make your Halloween party spooky by adding a Halloween themed Photo Booth to it. The Halloween themed photo booth part idea is one of the craziest Halloween party ideas. everybody loves getting pictures clicked at photo booths. Make this fun activity scary for them by redecorating the photo booth. Decorate your photo booth with scary objects. Add fake spider webs and splatter fake blood on the booth walls. Keep the lighting inside the photo booth low. Have some horror-themed music playing in the backdrop. Not to mention, have a few spare scary outfits in the photo booth that your guests can put on before having their photo clicked.

Trick Or Treat- Adult Version

Crazy Halloween Party Ideas
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Halloween is incomplete without Trick Or Treat. Trick Or Treat is, by all means, a vital present-day Halloween custom. With this in mind, here is a crazy and adult version of the classic old Trick Or Treat. To make your Halloween party crazy and fun, you really should try this party idea. Get a lot of shot glasses and fill them up alternately with apple juice and whiskey. Have your friends at the party pick a glass. Since it would be impossible to determine which glass has alcohol and which has juice without drinking it, the game will be so much fun. The trick will be the glasses containing apple juice and the treat will be the glasses containing whiskey.

Magic Potion Halloween Idea

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The Magic Potion Halloween Idea is just another take on the classic truth and dare party idea. Get a number of bottles and fill them up with juices. Label the bottles as “Truth Telling Magic Potion.” Attach tags to the bottle. On these tags, write down embarrassing questions. Pass the bottle around. Each person will pick a bottle, drink the magic potion. after doing so, they will have to honestly answer the question written on the tag attached to the bottle.

Halloween themed Scavenger Hunt

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To organize this Halloween Themed Scavenger hunt, you will need to hide several things and objects in the party venue. Have your party guests make teams. Each team will have two people. Hand each team a list of things that you have hidden. At the end of the hunt, the team who has found the most number of things will be declared the winner. As a prize, they get to keep the objects they found.

Halloween Themed Bewitching Bar

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Add a spooky element to your Halloween Party by turning the regular bar into a bewitching one. Get some spider ice cubes to add to the drinks. Pour some red punch in an empty fishbowl. Use a lot of red wine and give the cocktails freaky names.

Scary Movie Drinking Game

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The scary movie drinking game is one of the popular Halloween party ideas. Rent a few scary movies before the party. Make the venue dark and play the movie. The guest who screams out of fear while watching the movie has to take one tequila shot. The game is awfully fun for young party people.

Halloween Scream Contest

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This Halloween Scream contest idea is best for those who are having the Halloween party at an isolated venue. Everybody at the party will scream out as loud as possible. It is crazy and fun because everybody screams differently. The person with the loudest scream will be declared the winner.

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