The world is trying hard to survive safely from the second wave of the corona pandemic whereas some people are just living their life happily, and positively. In spite of being wrapped under thousands of restrictions, This couple from Tamil Nadu – India, found an amazing solution of how to achieve their wedding goals – they tied the knot feet above the land, in the sky, inside a flight! Shocked? Well, this is the truth of incredible India – people can find a solution for any problem, and they eventually end up finding a unique one that can be beyond our imaginations.

Couple Ties Knot In Flight To Avoid Lockdown Rules

A few days ago, Video went viral on social media platforms in which a couple is seen getting married inside an airplane with all traditions. The flight was originated from Madurai and was going to Thoothukudi.

The couple was already married but was not able to call all their guests to the ceremony because of the restrictions, hence they booked an entire flight in which 161 relatives boarded with them. All those 161 guests were COVID negative when asked about their well-being to the couple Dheekshana and Rakesh.

Everybody wishes to have a marriage that they can cherish all their life, same wish was of the couple. They tried hard to arrange things in such a manner that they can make it memorable, and they lastly decided to book a chartered flight to fulfill their wedding goals.

Everything is ok! But was this really needed? Will this bring trouble to them? We hope these things won’t backfire on them because at present, no matter where you are, your life is at risk if you are not taking necessary precautions. So, stay home, stay safe, and remain healthy!