It will be a rare thing if you have not seen the confused meme yet. The meme is extremely popular, and it is all over the internet. So if you are looking for some confused guy memes to laugh on or looking for memes to share on your social media sites then I have got your back.

But before I share the memes, let’s talk about how it was originated. The confused guy meme refers to a reaction image featuring NBA basketball player Nick Young with question marks surrounding his head.

Later, the meme was popularized on Black Twitter to express confusion online. Back in 2014, a YouTuber named Cassy Athena uploaded an episode of the web series Thru The Lens. This featured a day in the life of Nick Young, and the meme came from that show only.

50+ Confused Memes That Will Make You Laugh

Well, enough of the back story, here are some of the funniest confused guy memes for you to laugh on:

confused memes confused memes confused memes confused memes confused memes

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