If you are a Coldplay fan then this news will make your day for sure. If reports are to be believed,  It’s Confirmed Coldplay is coming to Mumbai in November. Coldplay will be performing on 19th November in Mumbai as a charity Annual Fund-Raising Concert.

Well we all know how crazy everyone is for Coldplay music so kindly book your tickets as soon as it is out for sale. We are expecting it to be a full house at the event. Coldplay will be coming at MMRDA Grounds in Mumbai on 19th Novemeber.

This awesome band was in Delhi last year and they did an impromptu gig in a cafe and broke the hearts of many fans in the same way Sonu Nigam did impromptu gig on the streets few months back. All you need to do is wait for couple of months for Coldplay to perform in Mumbai.

Till then check out the music video of ‘Hymn For The Weekend’ which they had shot in Mumbai last year.