is the online store where you will find all your cosmetic needs from. The online store is user friendly and one can navigate through the website easily. The store has a classic image logo in the homepage and products are displayed in various categories such as Lips, Eyes, Face. So that you can find your match faster and does not take too much time in scrolling and searching for what you want. The website has partnered with CCAvenue (secure online payment gateway), so customers need not worry about your money. It’s in safe hands! The COD option will be integrated soon. So stay tuned.

Started a month ago, the products ranges from lipsticksto eyeshadows to foundations. It has everything in store. More importantly they not only sell brands like Lakme and Loreal but other international brands like Covergirl, Hard Candy, WetnWild, Lorac, Playboy and many more.

The Products change time to time. The website is planning for more cosmetic products from Urban Decay, e.l.f, Benefit, Sigma and more. Love, Hope, Me also sells Jewelry products which are a mixture of handmade and ready made imitation items. The Earrings and Necklace designs are unique and made with professional methods.

There is going to be discount given every month on the products so stay tuned! The website also has a Facebook Page, Love Hope Me, where Charmy, who is the owner, posts about their products, price, discounts and offers daily! There was a 10% discount on all products a few weeks back. “Most of the products have their launch prices on which will last till December 2015”, says Charmy.

The products are packed appropriately so that they do not get damaged on their way to delivery to the customer. You can also get your product gift wrapped and deliver it to the address where you want it to be gifted! All women love gifts. Or you can get the product gift wrapped and gift it to yourself. The gifting charges will be different than the product price.

buy jewelry and makeup online at

The owner of the store,, Charmy Harry is a Jewelry Designer and used to make and sell handmade jewelry locally and also sold through exhibitions. She also loved Makeup & Cosmetic products too much. While she enjoyed using the local brands, she also loved the international brands like Urban Decay, Sigma which her sister-in-law would send to her from New Zealand from time to time. But she couldn’t find them in Indian market. So she decided to start this store with makeup products of those brands to the Indian market.

The name Love, Hope, Me is about all women who love, care and hope the best for their friends and family all their life, but forget about loving themselves in the process. Therefore the name is Love, Hope, Me which means we love, we hope but we will not forget ourselves, hence Me. We love to dress, love to look good and should look good for ourselves. “Wearing makeup and jewelry is not vanity or being fake/artificial, it’s about confidence, which we all should have as women”, says Charmy.

There will be upto 20% discount this Diwali. So stay tuned.

The website will have discounts every month, so check out for the latest offers on the website and on the facebook page, Love Hope Me, twitter and Instagram. For further queries write to us at [email protected]