Checkout These Haunted Places In Vadodara That Will Give You Goosebumps


Baroda is one of the famous and largest city in Gujarat. Their are many big industries like Alembic, Reliance, L&T etc in vadodara, The Maharaja Sayajirao University (MSU) is one of the oldest and reputed college in vadodara.

Their are a lot many spooky places in Vadodara which we hear now and then from people which we usually avoid visiting but their are few people who still want to explore all such places and experience paranormal activities.

Checkout These Haunted Places in Vadodara

1) Sindhrot

Sindhrot is one of the most popular places among youth, especially famous for long drive and couple prefer visiting sindhrot to spend some alone quality time. You will mostly find school/college students go sindhrot in the evening as their are many spots to chill, one of the place is the check dam.

Well according to user Prasad Chavan, he has seen a girl wearing a kurta pyjama with a chunri, her hair and lower part of the kurta and the chunri was blowing in the wind. He along with his 8 other friends where going to sindhrot and saw this girl on the way. The girl whispered “go back go back don’t enter the village with girls”

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We have also heard a lot about paranormal activities in Sindhrot area and many people have been talking about this on QUORA.

2)  Unknown Building In Manjalpur

According to a QUORA user Shreyas Patel who has answered the question “Are there any haunted places in Vadodara? ” says that their is a building in Manjalpur where you can see lights turn on and off automatically at night.

We dont’t know if this story is true or not as we did not find any more information about it. Only Shreyas Patel can tell whats the real scene.

3) Halol Highway/ Pavagadh

We have heard a lot of stories about paranormal activities in this area. A lot on people on QUORA have said that this place is haunted but we have never experienced it and we couldn’t find more information about it online so we don’t know if it’s true or not.

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4) The New Akota Bridge

We all have seen the new Akota Bridge which has become a hangout spot for youngsters and you can see a lot of people their at night who assemble to chill. Recently a rumour was spread by few people that a ghost was captured in a selfie taken by couple. The image was fake and it was created using a mobile application called camera 360 to scare people.

Checkout the youtube video below which shows the selfie taken at Akota Bridge with a fake Ghost

Video Credits :- onetimeeverydays

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