People of India are in big shock after the government has banned the 500 and 1000 Rupees note and has come up with the new Rupees 500 & 2000 notes. A lot of people are in trouble as they have a lot of black money hidden under their ass and are ready to exchange the old currency with new one by hook or by crook. Today we have different ways by which you can convert black money to white money.

Checkout How To Convert Black Money To White Money !

how to convert black money to white money

1) Form a Trust & do some Charity work.

A lot of people create their own trust to do social cause and make their cook or driver owner of the trust. Then they donate black money to the trust. On paper it is charity work but that black money is getting converted into white money.

2) Bogus Loan Entry

One of the most famous and popular method to convert black money to white money is by doing bogus loan entry. In this case what happens is a person gives black money to their friends or family/relatives and then in return take a check for that money. Thus their black money will convert into white money.

3) Getting Black money as gift

People use this method during festival time, they buy gifts on cash from the black money as a token of love to friends, relatives and colleagues.

4) Jewellery

If you know any jewellery store owner then you can go to him and give him you black money, In return he will give u check with a bill they you purchased jewellery from his store.

5) Convert Black money by Investment

You can buy a insurance policy and then pay by cash. For example if your premium is of 10,0000 Rs then you can give the first instalment by check and rest other money by cash. This is the most easiest way to convert black money to white money.

6) Deposit your black money into family members account.

All you need to do is deposit the money into your family members account and then withdraw it. The money you will withdraw from family member account will come out as white.

7) Last Method :- Declare your black money and convert it to white

Best method to convert black money to white money is by declaring it to IT authorities and pay the tax.

Note :- This article is just for fun and i don’t recommend any of our readers to us this way to convert black money to white money and we would suggest you to pay tax on time.