Who would like to spend their precious time watching something they are clueless about? The online audience these days is very selective and impatient to the least while consuming content online.

In an era where videos are present in millions and billions on various platforms, it is essential to create videos that are properly structured and have a flow to it. A crucial step towards curating wonderful videos is adding nicely done intros to all the videos to make them more informative and rational.

What are Intros, and why do you need them?

Intro Makers

As the name itself suggests, an intro is the beginning of any video. It provides all the basic information that the video contains. It has a lot of importance as it serves multiple functions.

Mentioned below are a few of them:

Need to introduce a brand: If you create a video, you would want people to know who is the person or team behind the efforts. You can introduce your brand name and logo in the intros.

For clarity: Viewers today have become wiser, and they want to invest their time in the right things. Intros make the aim of the video and its content very clear for the viewers.

To hook the audience: Creative intros play a role in triggering the viewers’ excitement, so they stay in tune for the upcoming video.

The Components of an Amazing Intro for your Media:

Given below are a few things that your intro must contain to add charm to your well-created video:

  • Catchy Headline
  • Logo
  • Attractive color scheme
  • Interesting text animation
  • Relevant Information
  • Consistency
  • Complimentary music

Collection of 10 Amazing Intro Makers with Interesting Features:

  1. Intro Outro Expert: A good video’s worth increases multiple folds with nice intros and outros. This tool can be termed as a savior for all video creators as it helps create quality clips to attract the audience. Intro Outro Expert is perfect for professional intros with its fascinating editing options and template varieties. The process here is easy and smooth.
  2. Davinci Resolve: The name itself is suggestive of the tool’s function. It is a video editing tool that solves all the issues related to the frames in the intro. Be it the color, the effect, or the filter. Davinci offers a range of mesmerizing video templates, too, for your intros, and it has a range of features used for trimming videos. It gives the user the perfection and confidence to craft a unique story.
  3. Intro maker: Mobile screens might be small, but they have become multi-purpose today. The ease of access makes it more desirable, and this is a mobile app for all ios phones used to create awesome 3D intros for the videos. Thousands of high definition templates and the chance to add multiple titles to your video make this app the best among its types.
  4. Panzoid: It is an entirely free intro maker for all the users. Every genre has video content available in bulk, be it gaming, entertainment, music, or business. Panzoid has templates for all these purposes with an added option to select the resolution and frame rates according to your desired output. With Panzoid, you can save the intro in multiple formats easily.
  5. VideoBolt: The world is becoming diverse. It is the need of the hour to become diverse. VideoBolt is an online intro maker tool that allows its users to develop 3D intros for various fields. The production of music, stories, and other videos are possible with this multi-tasking tool. It allows the rendering of videos to cloud storage. You can insert customized logos to the intros made here.
  6. IntroChamp: If you plan to select an already existing video template for your intro, IntroChamp is the answer. It allows you to choose templates from over 300 high definition, premium options. You will have to pay a small amount in return. The process is quite smooth, and you can prepare your intro in less than ten minutes.
  7. Offeo: If you are on a lookout of a perfect 3D intro maker available online, Offeo is your destination. It has a wide variety of intro video templates that are all very well put together to suit many videos. You can add exciting text layouts and font styles to your intro using the practical edit feature that Offeo provides. It is also inclusive of graphics, transitions, and animations.
  8. Lightworks: It is one of the most popular and preferred tools to create videos online, be it an intro, an outro, or a complete video. The sphere of editing features that Lightworks possesses is sufficient to create the perfect intro as per your needs and wishes. It has real-time effects and has an option to save the temporary file as a draft to render it afterward.
  9. LightMV: With the diverse range of devices available today, it is obvious for different people to own different machines. LightMV is compatible with a range of computers, phones, and tabs. It has a very intuitive user interface with advanced features. Your videos can integrate any audio file, you can add text animation to make the intro interactive, and you can avail the cut, trim, editing options available here.
  10. MakeWebVideo: This tool uses Adobe after effects templates to create intros of premium quality. It is a very fast and fully automated platform that enables you to create superb intros in no time. The great fact is that you don’t require much technical expertise to access MakeWebVideo. Even a novice can get hold of it with slight practice and dedication.


It is an art to edit videos online. You need to consider various technical as well as aesthetic factors to come up with a jaw-dropping output. An intro gives a base to the video, and it contains all the information required for the viewer to be able to get a sneak-peek in the content before watching it. It also has the function to create an aura and mood for the audience by the brand. Know more about this.